May 09th 2022

6 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Using Proxy Services

6 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Using Proxy Services

The world of digital marketing is so competitive and cutthroat that every player finds that having an edge over your closest competition is a must. And, to do this, of course, you have to study your competition, gather a lot of information and do extensive research. You have to be up to date, not to mention fast. This is why many digital marketers use proxies.

There are two types of proxies available for marketers to use, and these are the following:

  • Datacentre proxy - Proxies that use IP addresses that are created virtually and housed in a data centre, making them easier to be blocked
  • Residential proxy –This is a more expensive type of proxy that uses actual IP addresses with physical locations. It provides a higher level of privacy and is more challenging to block as they’re often seen as real people by websites you want to visit.

Although there’s a free public proxy, many digital marketers buy residential proxies even if they’re more expensive. It’s because they can do the job really well. 
Digital marketers require that all digital channels be monitored. Channels, including email, website, social media, mobile devices, and search platforms, must be scoured for a mine of information one can use to create effective campaigns. Because of this, digital marketers need to use reliable proxy services.  

Here are the reasons why digital marketers should be using proxy services:

1. Gather Relevant Data

Every website contains an insurmountable amount of data considered gold in digital marketing. Even if you have a web scraping tool, it’d be best to utilise a reliable proxy for your protection. 
Scraping a sizable chunk of data from one site can be used to analyse consumer behaviour and create strategies based on it. 

When you have enough relevant data scraped from your competition's social media and website, you’ll be able to create targeted ads that’ll convert to sales and not spend too much time doing A/B testing.
You might want to check this Proxy-Seller review to help you assess if this is the best fit for your agency.

2. Bypass Restrictions

Some websites block access from specific locations, and because of this, you won't be able to get a hold of their content. A proxy will hide your IP address, and some will disguise your location. It acts as a barrier between you and the website you're after.
A proxy will improve your browsing experience and let you study websites relevant to your niche. Proxies bypass firewalls and will allow you to access previously restricted content. 

When you have unlimited access to critical information, you'll be able to strategise well and create relevant tactics for your clients wherever they are in the world. 

3. Allows You To Navigate Incognito

Some websites have cookies, and they save your browsing history, making you vulnerable and exposed. With a proxy, you can remain anonymous, and nobody can trace your activities.  

Using a proxy server, the destination website will see the IP address of the proxy server and not the actual source. More importantly, when you're using a residential proxy, you won't encounter denial of request typical of situations when you use a public proxy, which is most likely on the list of banned IP addresses of their website. 

What's excellent with proxies is you can go back multiple times to a website without raising suspicion. You may need to switch proxy servers from time to time, which is a service often included in the package. 

4. Increases Your Security

One way to secure your identity and privacy online is by protecting your browser, and you can do this by changing your IP address. Many Internet eavesdroppers can steal your identity and account information, and you must be wary of them. 
By acting as a gateway or intermediary between all devices and the World Wide Web, proxy servers will supply you with clean, unblocked, and unflagged IPs to navigate the vast expanse of the Internet safely and securely. This can be very useful for a digital marketer, especially if your server contains relevant client information that could be potentially stolen inconspicuously. 

5. Provides Faster Browsing Speed

Even if you have a fast Internet speed, the delay in transmitting information online is usually caused by extended ping times between your ISP and the site. A proxy server can speed up your browsing speed by adding a larger bandwidth. 
This could make your organisation work efficiently and reach target results for your client faster. Having a proxy server for your digital marketing agency can also optimise your website so potential clients can contact you quickly and efficiently, and with no downtime. 

6. Social Media Marketing

With a proxy server, you can create several social media accounts without getting your accounts blocked by the platform's algorithm. This is important to join discussions and forums to position your brand as the leader. 
When a large audience's curiosity is piqued, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your client's website that could be converted to sales. Similarly, brand awareness and recognition can also be targeted. 


All marketing campaigns start with well-conducted research. Having the correct data can give you good strategies to tackle your brand's challenges. 
Using a proxy will give you unlimited access even to restricted sites with a higher level of privacy and an excellent speed to do your job as a marketer exceptionally well.

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