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A Selection of Blogs and Articles around web design, marketing and business. We have a lot of excellent blogs particularly around Marketing. Many Universities use our blogs below to help with their research. Please do feel free to share the content

Top Tips to Writing a Comprehensive Technical Specification for a Website

November 24th 2021

Writing a technical specification is essential for any web development project. Without it key functionality will be missed or overlooked. This blog provides some top tips on web development projects.

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I Worked at Cocoonfxmedia And These Are My Final Thoughts

September 06th 2019

Hi. I’m Curtis Lynam - I’m writing this on my last day of work experience with Cocoonfxmedia and it has been eventful to say the least.

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Structuring your Data for Logistics

May 20th 2019

Data is key to any business, particularly to the Logistics industry. Having accurate data will always help your business grow and this blog explores this.

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Web Development Tips For 2019

December 20th 2018

Lichfield based web developers Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has written this blog on some tips on what you should look out for in 2019 in regards to web development

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Improve Your Web Hosting In Three Easy Steps

December 19th 2018

Getting your web hosting correct is vital and will help your SEO. These 3 easy steps will help your website and improve the speed and SEO

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Why Transport & Logistics companies should become digital

September 10th 2018

Our blog on why you need to get online and do it well. The amount of data logistics companies handle is a gold mine and should be used to help their clients with better visualbility

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Blockchain, Bitcoin and Future purpose in digital

July 17th 2018

Bitcoin and Blockchain and its purpose in digital has been widely debated for sometime now. In this article we explore what and how blockchain can serve the future.

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What does GDPR mean for Small and Medium businesses?

May 01st 2018

GDPR seems to be all anybody in the cooperate world is talking about now, with people offering classes on the new law change, to people deleting everything they have on file to do with users cough Wet...

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3 Kick-ass Women in Code You Should Know

March 08th 2018

2018 marks 100 years since women over 30 and all men over 21 got the vote. The Representation of the People Act 1918 was only partial suffragette, but it was a victory which propelled the rest of gend...

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Advertising theory: The Means-end model

February 28th 2018

In this article, we’re going to look at the Means- end (MECCAS) advertising theory. The means-end theory is broken down into five parts all playing a crucial role in advertising. Topics covered are; T...

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James Blackman 'Counting the cost of late payment' Podcast

February 26th 2018

Last week Cocoonfxmedia's James Blackman featured in episode eight of The Chamber Podcast where the focus and topic of conversation was around late payments and the effect they have on SMEs and other...

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The Lichfield and Tamworth Presidents award

January 31st 2018

Last week we attended the annual Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce awards dinner at The Belfry, where our very own James Blackman was there to present the Lichfield and Tamworth Presidents award...

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5 Sources of competitive advantage

January 31st 2018

Competitive advantage is a set of circumstances or conditions (such as being first to take a product to market) that puts one company in a more favorable position than the other. Read on to find out m...

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Important lessons to be learnt by generation Z

November 29th 2017

Just like a business, you have a personal brand. Using social media can strengthen or diminish this portrayal of yourself. Lessons to be learnt by generation Z.

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

November 14th 2017

The six steps integrated marketing communications plan, is an approach that achieves the objectives of a marketing campaign, through well-coordinated use of promotion

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Bobbie Howells - Working For Cocoonfxmedia – My Experience

September 15th 2015

Bobbie Howells did 8 weeks of work experience through the Catch22 Skills To Employment through Staffordshire County Council. This is a blog on his experience.

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Service Characteristics

June 08th 2015

The line between product & service are becoming ever more blurred, service characteristics provides a framework for further consideration.

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Service Economy & Service Design

May 26th 2015

This post defines service economy and service design explaining some of the reasons as to why service design evolved

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James Blackman - New Vice President

March 10th 2015

James Blackman new Vice President for the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Design strategy and innovation - the Cox Report

December 21st 2014

The Cox report highlighted the importance of creativity, design strategy and innovation. This post offers a brief overview of the report.

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Board Member Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce

May 20th 2014

James Blackman - Director of Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has been appointed as a Board member of Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Tamworth.

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Setting Your Business Up Online

May 11th 2014

This article was printed in the Tamworth Herald receiving a great response. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd are experts in Web Design

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Webmail - Email Filters to help prevent Spam

January 27th 2014

Setting Up Email Filters in Webmail- Webmail is commonly used for SME's however Spam is always a problem. This video shows how to set up email filters

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Email Settings POP3 or IMAP

January 12th 2014

POP3 or IMAP on email - Often the settings are confusing so we’ve explained an scenario which could help your understanding

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Setting Up Your Email in Microsoft Outlook

December 18th 2013

Setting up an email account is easy when you follow our quick step on setting up a POP3/IMAP email account with Outlook 2003

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Five Ways to Immediately Improve Your Business Performance

September 17th 2013

The gap between success and failure, for small and medium sized businesses, can be a small one. It’s vital that you take every opportunity to refine your services, perfect your products and stay on to...

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Wordpress Twenty Thirteen Post Excerpts

August 08th 2013

Wordpress 3.6 Twenty Thirteen theme is completely new. This post explains how to add the Click to view more function on post excerpts.

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Meta Keywords - Do they help with SEO?

July 27th 2013

Meta Keywords are no longer used by search engines. Use keywords within your content but don't keyword stuff

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5 Reasons your website is not making sales

July 22nd 2013

High quality content and small businesses don't often go hand in hand.

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Making The Most Out Of Data SEO PPC

April 14th 2013

SEO PPC Getting Online, Analytical and Results – Using data effectively to help drive sales through your website in a measured way

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SEO Building Blocks

April 10th 2013

White Hat SEO 101 – Infographic With Explanation explaining the SEO Building Blocks needed to get your website into the top postions on Google.

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Chatwing chat software specific chat application

April 07th 2013

When it comes to parameters, Chatwing emerges as a champion. You can easily set up the login options for your visitors—Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Guest, or even Chatwing account.

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Facebook: a New Advertising Medium for a New Generation

March 06th 2013

Facebook Business Page as a cost-effective means to use social media to advertise and promote the services their company provides

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How to Comply With the EU Cookie Law

February 24th 2013

The EU cookie law requires you to gain consent before storing cookies of the computers of your website’s visitors. This is part of GDPR which all businesses most adhere to.

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Displaying Wordpress Posts in HTML page

February 17th 2013

Its very difficult to place PHP into a standard HTML page we have the answer. Short article on how to do this.

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Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts

January 03rd 2013

Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts. Wordpress there are many different really neat functions which are very easy to implement into your website.

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Does your social media shine like a beacon?

December 06th 2012

Ok, so you have taken the plunge and now have a web presence but traffic numbers are not what you envisaged. (Social media management)

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External Links

December 05th 2012

Best practices for external links. External links are hyperlinks that point at (target) any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source).

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The benefits of Outsourcing SEO and Social Media Marketing

October 23rd 2012

The SEO process is a science pretty much in the same mode as the science of ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ school of thought.This blog explores outsourcing SEO & Social Media.

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How to clear cookies form Internet Explorer 8-9

October 09th 2012

Quick step guide to make your web browser work more efficiently and faster with some basic house keeping. Luckily IE8 & 9 are no longer supported by Micosoft.

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Google hits Exact Match Domains

September 30th 2012

Exact Match Domain searches, a new problem for SEO experts and webmasters. EMD is to fit spam

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Agile Marketing

August 22nd 2012

Agile Marketing - offers users more value and helps organisations help to adapt to market conditions

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Using Current Events To Build Links To Your Website

August 10th 2012

Generating enough backlinks to your businesses website can be a struggle at times. Research is the key for backlinkings

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How to approach customers

July 23rd 2012

Sales is Sales! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The principles are the same. Article updated in 2015

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Web site not attracting enough clients

July 23rd 2012

We can provide you with the tools and expertise to help you get your site to the top positions within the Search Engines

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Web Designer or Web Developer?

July 20th 2012

Following on from our article written about web design, we thought we would create a useful article on what is the difference between a designer and developer

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EU Cookie Law - What is Cookie Control?

April 22nd 2012

EU Cookie Law legislation (GDPR) requires websites to obtain explicit consent before leaving behind or reading files (mostly cookies) on your user's computers

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The benefits of using Google Analytics for your business.

January 30th 2012

Google analytics is an outstanding tool that allows you to gather information on where customers are accessing your web page from and how they interact .

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Local Search for Small Businesses

January 28th 2012

Google is now serving a wider variety of local results. Local SEO Companies for small businesses is key to get found many on mobiles UPDATED July 2020.

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Links - What are they?

September 18th 2011

What are Links A well designed website clearly outlines the merits of your services or products.

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Making Online Marketing Work for You

July 22nd 2011

Search engine optimisation is a very powerful tool which can be used to ensure that your business is successful both online and offline.

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Social Marketing - The Power of Twitter

June 18th 2011

Social Media is so powerful tool, this blog hi-lights the power to put pressure on large organisations and governing bodies to act

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Website Blogs - The importance of a blog

February 14th 2010

Cocoonfxmedia can offer Blog using Wordpress blog/cms system.

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