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Google is improving local search on a daily basis, and it’s more and more important to appear in local results. With ‘local search’ it is actually quite hard to work out what Google is actually looking at. You can create geographic pages with unique content for your website but is this enough and is this actually what Google is looking at? As a Local SEO Company we understand what you need to do to perform well on a local search.

SEO Local Search? Who, What & Where.

When someone searches via Google for a local business/company on search engines, and on many mobile apps, they use location data from various sources to provide the search results. For example Yelp,Yell,Touch Local,Google My Business,Facebook,Four Square,Guardian,The Sun etc.

If listed data is incorrect or inconsistent between all these different sources, your listing might not show up in the search results or potentially display the wrong information. If the listings are not up to date or you are not listed in the correct listings you will miss out on vital traffic to your website and business.

Where do I start with Local SEO?

All the web directories and business listings you’ve created for you business are taken into account. Well at least the big ones and possibly ones you’ve never heard of. 

The ones we know are:

So if like us you’ve have done quite a few directory listings but have rushed through them just to complete the listing you now have a bit of a problem. If they’re all inconsistent there is a greater possibility that you will not be easily found. What does this ultimately mean? That hot new lead could just pass you by. 

How to fix this? We can!   

If you’re starting with a clean slate then you’ve got the easy road. You just need to decide on how you want your brand to be found. What important information to highlight, what images to use etc.. We then will audit your business using our various tools and expertise to find out where your listed.

Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP)

A simple start is to make sure that the company name and address is consistent, the website address is consistent, and the categories match where possibly the same all the way through. We would also make sure that we would post regularly on to our Google My Business (GMB) page so local companies can find us particularly on mobile searches.

Google for obvious reasons, don’t tell us which business directory or listing they’re going to reference or use to help provide you with the result, so you need to make sure every directory you're in has the same information.

A very quick way to see how you’re found in Google at the moment is just to do a search on your company name with different variations on how you want to be found and see the results which appear.  

There is light at the end of the tunnel, we do have a service that can manage and find out how consistent your profile is and also which directories are serving your industry the best. We can get all the important directory listings the same and consistent. It does take a while for some directories to update, normally 3-21 days. Some of the directories serve multiple sites, such as the Sun or Mirror. 

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