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5 Key Considerations Setting Up a Website

January 24th 2019

A website is often not seen as important as other marketing activities, however it is critical to your business. Here are 5 steps to help you get started.

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What are the Benefits of Using Green Web Hosting?

July 02nd 2018

While web hosting is a familiar word to many, not all of us will have heard of green web hosting. Find out about the benefits green hosting brings with it here.

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Building an innovative culture

February 12th 2018

Building a culture that is fertile for innovation will vary from organisation to organisation. By it nature innovation is often creative and non-systematic, and cannot therefore be achieved by followi...

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5 tips to what makes a good School Website?

January 24th 2018

Your school is actually a brand to start with so ideally your website needs to communicate your ethos and brand messages.

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17 Elements of school websites

January 10th 2018

Here at Cocoonfxmedia we specialise in school websites, this post is an insightful help piece about the 17 pages that your schools website must have according to Ofsted guidelines.

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7 Guidelines for Designers to Become Involved in Strategy

November 12th 2017

Design has a lot to offer the business world this article will give you seven guidelines for us designers to become involved in strategy.

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A Short (But Very Useful) Guide to Website Planning

April 27th 2017

A really useful guide on how to plan your website project and where to start when it comes to Website Planning and Design.

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My website doesn’t seem to update?

February 01st 2017

Websites unfortunately cache. This is where key information is stored in your browser so the next time you visit the site loads quicker. Read More...

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Web Design – Fashion or User Experience?

January 18th 2017

Big sliders, lots of movement on the page. Video Autoplaying. What about data allowance leading to a poor design and user experience. New blog on website design

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Why Manufacturers Need Web Designers

September 20th 2016

Manufacturing website design experts Cocoonfxmedia has written a blog on why Manufacturers are still behind the times with web design

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Business Web Design; Where to Start?

July 29th 2016

We’ve seen how jumping straight into graphic web design can cause your marketing objectives to quickly become lost in translation.

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Best Wordpress Templates Custom or Premium

July 18th 2016

Wordpress is a very popular content management system. This blog going through the differences to a custom built theme to a purchased theme

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Cocoonfxmedia Awarded ‘Best Web Design Company’

April 14th 2016

Lichfield based digital marketing company has proudly been awarded the Business Excellence Award for Best Local Web Designer in Staffordshire

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Choosing A Local Web Designer

January 31st 2016

Are you planning to have a website designed to promote your business online? Choose local - Cocoonfxmedia Ltd Web Design Staffordshire

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Service + Design Thinking = Service Design

July 06th 2015

This post provides a good outline to service design and the techniques that are used, it also touches upon management techniques

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Service Bundling

June 29th 2015

Service bundling describes the way a marketer can build value around a product, this post explains the fundamental to the approach

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The Creative Process

June 13th 2015

By understanding the creative process we can start to identify milestones that may normally be difficult to identify.

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Myths surrounding website design

October 27th 2014

Web Design - Myths surrounding website design briefs

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Advantages of using a local Web Designer

September 13th 2014

Local web designer, Cocoonfxmedia Ltd provide engaging web designs, this blog is about the advantages of using locally based web design companies

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Which Fonts Should We Use?

May 01st 2013

During selection of font we have to bear in mind type of audience, what is the communication, medium used, emotional response and psychological aspects.

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