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Marketing can be broken down into 4 simpler steps. What are your goals, the strategy you'll use to achieve them, the tools used followed up by reviewing how well everything worked. 

A big advantage for you in using Cocoonfxmedia is that we can deliver on all stages. Not only can we do the softer stuff but we can produce the deliverables. You'll also gain access to a broad skill set - bluechip company experience, design management and Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) trained individuals - and a whole host more. 

Read on for a break down of each step or give us a call to get things moving.

1. Marketing objectives

Obtain recognition by reaching achievable and rewarding marketing goals:

  • Work with client to identify marketing goals and rationale for promotion
  • Communicate ways to monitor and meet objectives
  • How achievable goals are set and how they assist success
  • Identify key KPIs
  • What are the benefits to the client

2. Strategy

Achieve your marketing goals with a data-enhanced action plan:

  • Work out route for most effective strategy
  • Identify the tools to use and how will be implemented
  • How strategy will be created and meet objectives
  • What the benefits are to the clients

3. Tactics

Delve into a world of effective marketing tools, techniques and creativity that captivates audiences:

  • Digital toolbox
  • Areas that can be utilised
  • Categorise (Search Marketing / Content marketing / social media marketing / digital marketing)
  • What the benefits are to the clients

4. Audit and analysis

Match the needs of your customer with in-depth reviews and targeted improvements:

  • Review current promotional marketing activities
  • SWOT analysis – identify online marketing weak points
  • Rectify and strengthen site / management
  • Choice of additional research and planning services for higher success rates
  • What the benefits are to the clients

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