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Do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

July 23rd 2020

The larger freight forwarders may think they've got all the card when it comes to track and trace and technolgy. Not any more and do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

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What does a TMS system do?

July 17th 2020

​​TMS systems, or Transportation Management Systems, have become an integral technology to many different companies and industries. To find out more about the uses of a TMS system and whether your com...

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The face of the UKs skills gap!

February 06th 2018

The "skills gap" - it's a common thread to be heard amongst businesses and in the conversations I've been privy to businesses usually place the blame squarely on the educational institutions.

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Creativity at the heart of business

November 09th 2017

Business Innovation has to be at the heart of every business plan. This blog talks about the innovation in web design and development for SMEs

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Business Innovation - Startups Video

September 10th 2017

An interview with Cocoonfxmedia Ltd - James Blackman. Talking about what it takes to setup a business. Filmed exactly 5 years ago an still current.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

July 24th 2017

The GDPR is the new European legal framework for the protection of personal data. It is vital that your business has a good understanding of the regulation.

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In uncertain times, remember the basics

February 21st 2017

Stop waiting to see what happens after Brexit, go back to basics, adapt, and keep doing good business. Position yourself now rather than later

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How to Setup a Business Website [The No-Nonsense Way]

February 08th 2017

Your a start-up & you want to know how to setup a website.This blog will help you understand about how to start a business website using local web designers

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Businesses encouraged to join the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ pledge

October 06th 2016

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd supports Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerces pledge to pay all supplier within 30 days.

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Development of Logistics Carbon Calculator

July 12th 2016

Experts in Web Design and Development for Logistics - Owner of Cocoonfxmedia Ltd designed the framework of a leading C02 Carbon Calculator

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Now is a time for collaboration

June 27th 2016

With voting leave the local ecomony in Lichfield & Tamworth is a time for collaboration and growth. Lets look forward to building the local economy

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Pay in 30 Days

January 10th 2016

Paying in 30 days is critical for all businesses to work to. If your paying over 30days you can create cashflow problems of suppliers supplier. #PayIn30Days

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Product or Service

June 22nd 2015

The post discusses the thinking behind seeing deliverable as product or service and shows that maybe the two are interchangeable.

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Want a 30 times better opt-in rate than email

April 30th 2015

Push notifications help increase opt in rates by 30x this post explains the benefits of this exciting new function

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How to Access Digital Marketing: The Small Business Way

February 19th 2015

As someone who practically lives in the online world and has seen the successful results from digital marketing

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Do what you're good at

January 02nd 2015

Often small businesses offer to much and get bogged down with services which end up killing the growth of their business.

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Design Management IS important.

October 31st 2014

Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation - Design Management is Important

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Paying Off Monthly Dues When You Don't Have Profits Yet

May 28th 2014

Running any sort of business is a matter of balancing your cash flow, ensuring that your expenses are less than your income.

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Small Business Cash Flow!

May 20th 2013

As a small business owner based in Tamworth. However even in an upturn you’re going to have the same issues with cash flow but possibly not as hard hitting.

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