Website Design

A website is now the anchor to all marketing activities

User centered websites, with SEO built into the core, that work hard for you!

Website Design

User centered website design

By identifying your various users and identifying their needs we are able to create an engaging experience that can turn them into customers. By gaining a thorough understanding of your brand and your customer we can create a visual experience that delivers your key messages effectively and provides your customers with an effortless experience resulting in more enquiries.

Robust built sites

There is a whole lot more going on underneath the surface of a website that our multi-skilled team ensures is in place so you get the most from your investment. Our website are built with SEO best practice in mind. The hosting is carbon offset with security measures in place. We have technology in place that speeds up the load time of a website. Google analytics is setup correctly on the site, submitted to search engines so you can measure the return on investment (ROI).

Explore design process

Step 1 - Explore

Sitting with your team we go through an explorative session to understand your brand, what you are looking to achieve and identify user journeys.

Design a website

Step 2 - Design

A spec document is created that forms a road map for the design of the site. Designs are produced inline with the brief and once your happy, approval is given to start the build template.

Build a website

Step 3 - Build

The site is built on a staging area (Test Area) so you can see progress of the site. Content is added and normally there will still be changes requested. Part of the build is putting in Google analytics and setting the site up with our SEO tools.

Launch the website

Step 4 - Launch

When you are ready to take the site live we'll be there to help with technical aspects of managing your domain name and emails in the switch over. Once live we keep an eye on things as it beds in and submit your site to search engines,

How long do website projects take to deliver?

A smaller website can be delivered in 8 weeks whereas larger website projects will be delivered within a timeframe of 3-6 months depending on the complexity and functionality involved.

The project will get broken down into agreed milestones, making clear who is responsible for what. We work collaboratively, involving you and and any stakeholders so you have a say on design decisions. This way there are no nasty surprises.

Why choose Cocoonfxmedia to develop your website?

We hold design values at our core. Websites are designed with your customers at the center of the process. Working this way mean we can fully support your orginisation goals.

Cocoonfxmedia is also a multi-skilled team. We've got all the bases to support you and your website - and we don't just leave you at go-live. We prefer building long term partnerships, extending services into SEO and digital marketing or even email campaigns.

Website Marketing (SEO)

Your site will have good SEO practices built in from the start. If you're switching from an existing website we'll make sure the process is as smooth as possible. We'll be up front with what to expect.

Website are commonly the anchor around all marketing material so we'll work with you to ensure it stays up to speed. We can help with extended marketing services such content marketing and building your sites reputation.

If you're interested in working with us on your web design project you can give us a call on: 0121 8203659 or get in touch through our contact form.

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