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Web Design

At Cocoonfxmedia we offer web design services all over the UK from Lichfield to Basildon.  As we're experts in web design we can work with any sized organisation from micro businesses to large corporates. We use all kinds of skills to get your design from a PDF wireframe to a fully working website. We don't be dazzle you with techno jargon. We just don't do brochure websites, we can also design and build e-commerce websites or sites with complex functionality. 

List of systems we can provide:

  • Wordpress
  • Woo Commerce
  • Our own custom Content Management System
  • Our own custom E-Commerce Platform

A website is the anchor for any small business!

You need a website that works for you, in that end we are very enthusiastic about the design process. By that I mean we are user focused, finding real life solutions to real life problems. In doing so it helps create a site that is truly built and working to achieve your business goals.

Marketing companies like to pigeon box web companies into being 'yes men', people who will build what ever you ask or what ever we think looks right for your company and industry. This couldn't be far enough away from the truth, at least for us at Cocoonfxmedia. As a multi skilled team from Web Designers, Marketeers, to Web Developers, we work with your brief and ensure it's inline with your goals and customers. In some cases clients have allowed us to act as investigators - asking the question 'what is possible?'.

But don't just take our word for it, have a look at our web design case studies.

As we offer the full agency offering we will make sure your website is ready for any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as we build all our sites with to best practices for SEO including if you don't have already Google Analytics and we also submit your site to Google Search Console.

How long do website design projects take?

As we build websites from the ground up we tend to take for a small website (typically brochure website with 5 to 10 pages) around 4-6 weeks. For those more complex website with a little bit of extra functionality such as landing pages for Adword campaigns, questionnaires or membership areas you would look minimum of 3 months for E-Commerce websites it can take a lot longer, believe it or not the shipping part is the most complex. 

However it's purely on the complexity of the design and functionality.  As we've been doing website design for many years our team will be able to advise on lead times.

A selection of our clients - From Web Design to Business Systems

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