A Selection of Blogs and Articles around web design, marketing and business. We have a lot of excellent blogs particularly around Marketing. Many Universities use our blogs below to help with their research. Please do feel free to share the content

The amazing art on how to structure the perfect blog

July 28th 2022

The amazing art on how to structure the perfect blog. We developed this blog as a guide on how to structure a blog.

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6 Pointers you can easily apply to improve your blogs effectiveness

July 26th 2022

An informative blog on the 6 Pointers you can easily apply to improve your blogs effectiveness. The blog takes you through the structure of writing a powerful blog.

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What is local SEO?

July 25th 2022

Local SEO is a technique which improves a website’s prominence in the local area. Although similar to conventional SEO, local SEO requires a unique approach.

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How to design a mobile friendly website

July 25th 2022

Designing a mobile friendly website is vitally important because it affects your search ranking position, user experience and brand identity. This is what you should know.

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Local SEO Did What? [5] Underrated Benefits of Local SEO

July 21st 2022

What is Local SEO? This blog explores [5] Underrated Benefits of Local SEO. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd

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Local SEO for Small Businesses and [7] Benefits

July 19th 2022

How Does Local SEO Help Small Businesses? Local SEO is a great way to get found locally particularly on mobile devices. This blog explorers Local SEO and [7] Benefits to Small Business.

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Graphic Design's Impact on Branding and Customer Retention

July 12th 2022

How Does Graphic Design Attract Customers? This blog explores how Graphic Design and Branding is so important for any business

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How to audit a website for SEO – Beginner Friendly

July 08th 2022

Auditing your website for search engine optimization allows you to see how it is ranking on search engines. This helps to boost your performance and increase your visibility.

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Does website design affect SEO?

July 08th 2022

Effective SEO strategy means more than keywords. Your web design has a huge effect on your search engine optimisation, encouraging visitors to stay longer.

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Market Research

July 03rd 2022

The objective is not to seek for research and evidence that supports preconceived notions. Instead, you're searching for real knowledge that will serve as the basis for moving forward and achieving ob...

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Your Brand Name's Impact on Customer Perception

June 28th 2022

Branding is about creating a positive perception with your clients, in which you need to put a lot of thought and research into your brand name and message. This blog explores this.

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In a branding endeavour, research is important.

June 06th 2022

Brand Research - The first step is to gain a thorough grasp of the organisation. What are the mission and vision statements for the company? What are their objectives, target markets, and organisation...

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HOW TO DRIVE traffic to your website

May 26th 2022

Having a nice looking website is great. You need traffic and this blog gives 5 key points to driving traffic to your website.

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How Integrated Marketing Communications Ramp Up Your SEO

May 10th 2022

To do this, your business needs to undertake an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy. What is that, exactly? That’s what we’ll be learning today

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6 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Using Proxy Services

May 09th 2022

We do complex research for marketing, sometimes you get blocked using services. This is why many digital marketers use proxies and we've written a blog about this.

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How to Create High-Converting Ads in 2022

May 07th 2022

​The dream of every marketing guru is to create a high-converting ad that drives revenue and growth. The truth of advertising is more complex. Some ads perform better than others. This blog looks at h...

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​Pay per click vs. SEO

May 02nd 2022

When it comes to Google we have 2 main ways of working with the search engine, pay per click and SEO.

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The branding process – a walkthrough guide

May 02nd 2022

The branding process is another variation on design processes, brand projects are run by working in collaboration with clients through a process of research, strategy, and implementation.

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How To Use LinkedIn As A Business Marketing Tool

April 26th 2022

promoting your business on LinkedIn can be a bit different. For that reason, you may need to adopt some strategies to help you spread the word about your brand. To start, here are ways to use Linked...

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Birmingham Chamber members join forces in planet-saving activities

April 25th 2022

Birmingham Chamber members join forces in planet-saving activities. Millennium Cargo Ltd is a freight and logistics company based in Birmingham has started using CocoonCarbon a C02 Emissions Calculato...

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8 Tips To Create A High-Converting Blog Post

April 19th 2022

​Content marketing is one of the most valuable ways of converting casual readers to your site into new subscribers or customers.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level With This Exclusive Research on Brand Positioning

April 14th 2022

Take Your Business to the Next Level With This Exclusive Research on Brand Positioning - A Research piece provided by Grant Polachek from Squadhelp.

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Creative SEO Strategies in the Time of Dynamic SERPs

April 13th 2022

Coming up with creative SEO strategies can put you ahead of the competition in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This blogs explored SERPs and SEO Strategies

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What makes a fantastic logo?

April 05th 2022

When it comes to logo design, there are some good rules of thumb to follow to make sure the logo is going to be doing its job

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Local SEO: An introduction

April 05th 2022

The benefit of local search is that it shows all the immediate information users are looking for such as reviews and opening times and a direct call button.

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How Does Google Lens Impact SEO?

April 04th 2022

Google Lens started as a relative niche product and now SEO is a critical area that is needed to get found. This blog explores how SEO evolves and looks at how it SEO works for Google Glass.

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How To Improve Communication Between Web Design And Content Teams

March 14th 2022

How To Improve Communication Between Web Design And Content Teams is vital for any Web Design project to go well. Have a read of our blog on this subject.

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Why Do You Need to Prioritise Mobile SEO Strategies?

February 10th 2022

Why Do You Need to Prioritise Mobile SEO Strategies? Mobiles are now being used more than Tablets and will overtake desktops very soon. This insightful blog on Mobile SEO for 2022 explores this.

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Top tips for businesses to improve their local SEO

February 02nd 2022

As consumers move increasingly online, local SEO has never been more important than right now in 2022, and in Birmingham, with the commonwealth games around the corner, you’ll take advantage of the ex...

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How To Use Social Media For B2B Marketing

January 21st 2022

Identify The Social Media Platforms Your Target Audience Uses. All social media platforms have their niche. Your target audience is likely using different platforms depending on their age, interests,...

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Why Do Small Business Owners Need to Utilise Branding Strategies?

January 19th 2022

Branding is more than just a logo, your brand is how you communicate your values and products in a clear and way. This blog explores what small businesses need to do to utilise their branding strategi...

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Get found on Google with Local SEO

January 14th 2022

It’s not long now until Birmingham hosts the Commonwealth Games, it’s less than 200 days away! Now is the time to optimise your Local SEO.

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Graphic Design Newsletter

January 10th 2022

Get 2022 of to a great start by using Cocoonfxmedia as your Graphic Design partner. Expertise across multiple industries in graphic design.

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What is a web application?

January 04th 2022

In contrast to software that runs on a computer locally on the operating system (OS), a web application (or web app) is a software application that lives on a web server and can also be cloud based.

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5 Key SEO Trends to keep an eye on in 2022

January 04th 2022

So much is going on in the world of SEO, and you need to stay on top of it all to ensure that things (rankings) are in your control.

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2021 has been another exciting year for Cocoonfxmedia Ltd

December 31st 2021

Quick round-up of 2021 with Cocoonfxmedia Ltd becoming Carbon Neutral, Server improvements, Web Developments and various other updates.

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Personas in design

December 03rd 2021

Profiles lay out a framework for describing your target audience in a functional method imperative to design projects.

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Top Tips to Writing a Comprehensive Technical Specification for a Website

November 24th 2021

Writing a technical specification is essential for any web development project. Without it key functionality will be missed or overlooked. This blog provides some top tips on web development projects.

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8 Digital Brand Management Best Practices For 2022

November 09th 2021

Digital brand management takes traditional brand management principles and applies them to your audience experience across numerous digital media. This blog explorers the trends in 2022

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Why Web Designers Should Pay More Attention to UX Design Principles

November 08th 2021

The next time you build or rebuild a website, you may want to pause before you start thinking about all the new features or design elements you want to add. Instead, you should start with UX, basing y...

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A brief history of graphic design

October 29th 2021

Every decade, design shift away from trends of the previous decade and build on nostalgia for earlier times. And besides, like the great Picasso said – “Good designers copy, great designers steal!” So...

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Google’s Core Web Vitals explained

October 29th 2021

Improve your sites visitors' experience by measuring and reacting to Google's Core Web Vitals. The latest set of tools are to do with gauging page load times.

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Planet-loving Lichfield business achieves ‘net zero’ goal

October 21st 2021

Carbon Neutral - Planet-loving Lichfield business achieves ‘net zero’ goal by completely offsetting their carbon footprint.

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Why Is Google Changing Title Tags On SERPS?

September 10th 2021

What Does Google's Algorithm Change Mean for SEOs and Website Owners? This blog explores why Google has implemented this change and what it means for a website owner and SEO Agency.

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Social Media Strategy 44-step SEO Process

July 20th 2021

Social Media is key part of SEO particularly around content engagement and user interaction. This is the final part of our 44 step process to SEO Success.

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Off-site Optimisation – 44 Step SEO Process

July 12th 2021

Off-Site Optimisation is key to any website getting higher rankings. The links need to be of high quality relevant in nature you can't just go off a link to anyone. This blog explains this.

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Mobile Optimisation - Our 44 Step SEO Process

June 17th 2021

Our 44-step process we go through to bring you Search Engine Optimisation success brings you Mobile Optimisation! Usage on mobiles in 2020 has increase by 60%+ and its a major factor for ranking with...

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On-site optimisation - Our 44 Step SEO Process

June 09th 2021

Our SEO 44 Step process for SEO Success is so in-depth it just delivers results every-time. We've written a serious of blogs to help you understand a little more about our Search Engine Optimisation P...

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Semantic core and keyword research - Our 44 Step SEO Process

May 26th 2021

There’s quite a bit of science behind Search Engine Optimisation that's why we have a 44 point process to any SEO Campaign. Thats why we've written a blog about Semantic core and Keyword Research.

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How to Get on the First Page of Google as an SEO Beginner

May 13th 2021

How to Get on the First Page of Google as an SEO Beginner. With Google new update Core Web Vitals you need to understand the basics of SEO.

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C02 Emission Tool for Logistics

April 08th 2021

We have developed a new tool for Logistics that measures the C02 Emissions for a piece of freight. We can measure Airfreight, Sea Freight and Road freight including NOx and Particulate Matter

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Google Algorithms - It's all bananas!

April 07th 2021

We’re all aware that Google is the master when it comes to getting found on the internet but Google Algorithms are bananas! SEO is a complex process but logical if you know how.

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RISE of Millennials! Death of the Freight Forwarder

March 24th 2021

Don't be a dinosaur and become extinct as your website hasn't been updated since 2007. Gen-Z & the Millennials are driving the change in logistics, this blog explores this.

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The Importance of Design on User Experience

February 22nd 2021

The User Experience (UX) has become more important than ever. How customers feel when they interact with a business system needs to be monitored, whether that's your website, an app, or the software y...

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Service your website like your car

February 04th 2021

Keeping websites up to date is critical particularly with all the hackers out there. Treat your website like a car, get it serviced regularly.

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Take Your E-Commerce Store to the Next Level

September 29th 2020

Has your e-commerce store recently maxed out its current profit potential? If so, it possibly needs to be taken to the next level. User experience is key and this blog explores this.

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Increase Your Company’s Brand Presence

September 29th 2020

Is it high time you smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling and took your company to the next level? By Increasing Your Company’s Brand Presence. Have a read of our blog on Brand Presence

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Top Tips for Improving Your Website’s User Experience

September 29th 2020

Do you want to generate more leads and draw more customers online? If so, you must take some time to improve your website’s user experience. This platform is the core of your digital marketing efforts

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A Guide for Business Owners: 2 Ways to Appeal to Gen Z Consumers

September 29th 2020

Generation Z was born between the late-1990s and early 2000s, which means they’ve never really known a world without the web. Having grown up with it literally at their fingertips, they know everythin...

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Digital Marketing Trends to Come in 2021

August 18th 2020

he online world has seen exponential growth in the face of this adversity and has adapted to the demand of what consumers require from online services and shops for both essential and luxury goods.

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Tips on Building a Business Brand

August 18th 2020

Branding is extremely crucial when it comes to business, as it is one of the core components that separate a business from the rest. Here at Cocoonfxmedia we're experts in Branding.

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Content Marketing: 5 Essential Reasons to Use Infographics

August 11th 2020

Graphic Design can enhance and improve your SEO. Well designed and thought out infographics can help with your SEO Efforts. Read what also will help with design etc..

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Essential Tips to Improve Your Import/Export Business

August 11th 2020

Essential Tips to Improve Your Import/Export Business, this blog provides some quick pointers to help you improve your business online. If you import or export you may need a logistics portal and webs...

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Cocoonfxmedia partners with Automation experts Shipamax

August 03rd 2020

Cocoonfxmedia partners with Automation experts Shipamax, the Partnership will add a new dimension to Cocoonfxmedia Logistics Portal CocoonFMS through document automation.

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Do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

July 23rd 2020

The larger freight forwarders may think they've got all the card when it comes to track and trace and technolgy. Not any more and do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

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When and Why Should You Update Your SEO?

July 17th 2020

Updating your SEO regularly is extremely important to make sure that you can stay at the top of search rankings and to ensure that your marketing efforts remain fresh

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The Differences Between Professional and Amateur Web Design

July 17th 2020

With Web Design there are many obvious differences between professional and amateur web designer that can make hiring a web design agency worth it. Please do read some more about web design here

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What does a TMS system do?

July 17th 2020

​​TMS systems, or Transportation Management Systems, have become an integral technology to many different companies and industries.

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Why SEO Is Essential In 2020

June 22nd 2020

The key is to use an SEO agency that has plenty of experience thinks outside the box and doesn't follow the crowd.

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The Benefits of Getting A Startup’s Website Designed by A Pro

June 22nd 2020

The Benefits of Getting A Startup’s Website Designed by A Pro which is why you should enlist the services of web design in Staffordshire company.

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Chamber Members FCL Global Logistics choose Cocoonfxmedia for their online visibility

June 19th 2020

Since launch of CocoonFMS has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of our business. Marvin Elson – Operations Manager of FCL Global Logistic said. CocoonFMS Freight Management System.

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10 Years in Web Design and Development - Happy Birthday Us.

June 16th 2020

10 Years old today. We have been designing and building websites which work for the last 10 years. Happy Birthday Cocoonfxmedia Ltd

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Cocoonfxmedia welcomes QLC CEO as Executive Consultant

May 06th 2020

Cocoonfxmedia welcome Anthony Quinn as Executive Consultant.

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Cocoonfxmedia Ltd & QLC Logistics Consultancy enter into a Sales Partnership

April 27th 2020

​Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has entered a Sales Partnership with Logistics Industry experts QLC Logistics Consultancy (QLC)​ with the aim to improve productivity & digitalisation in the Logistics and freight f...

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Cocoonfxmedia Ltd launches its new brand CocoonFMS

April 14th 2020

CocoonFMS® Ltd was setup to support and help get the Logistics/Freight Forwarding industry into the 21st Century and beyond.

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Message for our clients

March 26th 2020

James Blackman - Managing Partner sent a video message to all our clients and contacts.

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Design for Web – A basic History

March 26th 2020

Development of the web has changed massively over the years and its more important to understand what the users want over gimmicks. Have a read of our blog Design for Web.

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Essential Factors to Consider when Designing a Website

March 11th 2020

Essential Factors to Consider when Designing a Website this blog explores these factors to help your understanding of Web Design

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5 Reasons You Need the Help of a Professional Website Design Lichfield Company

March 11th 2020

If you want to be more visible online, here are all of the reasons why you need a more professional approach to your website design.

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4 Common Mistakes in Web Design

March 11th 2020

4 Common Mistakes in Web Design. 1 - Lack of Responsiveness, 2 - Not doing the little things, 3 - Technical, 4 - Quality Content ; This is a blog on those little challenges of web design

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Why Strong Website Design is Vital for E-commerce Brands

February 24th 2020

The more well-designed your website, the more access to valuable data you have. In the digital age of business, that data is the new oil. If you’re not using your metrics, measuring them, and respondi...

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4 Reasons You’re Not Ranking as Well as You Should Be

February 04th 2020

Organic traffic — it's what we all crave! you need a good User Experience, Quality Content, Link Profile. However if your not ranking well your going after the wrong keys. This blog gives you 4 simple...

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How to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce site

January 14th 2020

Get ready for new visitors, new purchasers and loyal customers with our handy guide on how to increase sales on your e-commerce site! We know that every e-commerce site owner wants more sales so find...

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The Most Anticipated Web Design Trends of 2020

December 23rd 2019

We have written a blog about; What are the most anticipated Web Design Trends of 2020? Please do have a read and share with your followers on social media

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A Guide to Building a Website and Making it Live

December 17th 2019

We're experts in Web Design in Lichfield, and have you ever wondered what is needed to get a website live? Please have a read of our A Guide to Building a Website and Making it Live.

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Why Java Programming Is So Popular

November 15th 2019

Java programming is both user-friendly and flexible, making it the obvious go-to programming language for web app developers and program management experts.

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5 Innovative Tools To Help Beginners With Programming

November 14th 2019

As coding/Web Development explodes, the number of lucrative opportunities for coding will also continue to increase. For this reason, now is the right time for beginners to learn how to code

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The Key to Flawless Business Processing Is Here

October 10th 2019

Web development and online portal solutions for improving business processes and empowering customers through digital self-service.

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I Worked at Cocoonfxmedia And These Are My Final Thoughts

September 06th 2019

Hi. I’m Curtis Lynam - I’m writing this on my last day of work experience with Cocoonfxmedia and it has been eventful to say the least.

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Lichfield web portal set to revolutionise UK logistics

July 02nd 2019

Logistics Web Developers, have developed a Logistics Track and Trace Smart Portal for Basildon Based Freight Forwarder - IFE Global Logistics.

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Structuring your Data for Logistics

May 20th 2019

Data is key to any business, particularly to the Logistics industry. Having accurate data will always help your business grow and this blog explores this.

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The Importance of Regular SEO

May 15th 2019

The importance of regular SEO is important for your website to gain traffic and succeed. Many industries are still not embracing SEO such as Logistics and Manufacturing. Please have a read

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Logistics Industry & Data Quality how to manage it?

May 14th 2019

Many logistics/freight forwarders suffer from poor data quality. To keep and retain your clients you need accuate data. This blog explores this issue

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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Third-Party Review Sites

April 29th 2019

Everyone wants their site or company to have authority in their given industry. However, this is often easier said than done. Read this article about SEO

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Tricks That Will Help Boost Your Business Website Ranking

March 22nd 2019

Alot of money is wasted on SEO being done incorrectly. This blog is a highlevel help blog on the very basics on what you need for SEO.

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5 Key Considerations Setting Up a Website

January 24th 2019

A website is often not seen as important as other marketing activities, however it is critical to your business. Here are 5 steps to help you get started.

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Acquisition marks great start to 2019 for Cocoonfxmedia

January 14th 2019

The existing portfolio of web hosting and digital clients from Size Nine in #Tamworth have been transferred to #Lichfield-based Cocoonfxmedia Ltd, which finished 2018 with double-digit growth.

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Web Development Tips For 2019

December 20th 2018

Lichfield based web developers Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has written this blog on some tips on what you should look out for in 2019 in regards to web development

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Improve Your Web Hosting In Three Easy Steps

December 19th 2018

Getting your web hosting correct is vital and will help your SEO. These 3 easy steps will help your website and improve the speed and SEO

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‘Epic 2019’ on the cards after record-breaking year

November 20th 2018

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd experts in Web Design and Development have experienced a record breaking double digtial growth in 2018. Innovating new products and websites

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Why Transport & Logistics companies should become digital

September 10th 2018

Our blog on why you need to get online and do it well. The amount of data logistics companies handle is a gold mine and should be used to help their clients with better visualbility

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Making your website secure with an SSL Certificate

July 18th 2018

The latest update for Google Chrome requires you to have an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate. If your website doesn't have an SSL you need to read this blog.

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Blockchain, Bitcoin and Future purpose in digital

July 17th 2018

Bitcoin and Blockchain and its purpose in digital has been widely debated for sometime now. In this article we explore what and how blockchain can serve the future.

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What are the Benefits of Using Green Web Hosting?

July 02nd 2018

While web hosting is a familiar word too many, not all of us will have heard of green web hosting. Find out about the benefits green Carbon Neutral web hosting brings with it here.

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Is Digital Going Green?

June 01st 2018

It’s a digital world and there is no doubt about it, but when it comes to your digital marketing and everyday use of the internet is it possible that you can make your carbon footprint that little bit...

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Organic SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 21st 2018

You've got your website built, now its time to make sure your small businesses website gets found! Follow our helpful SEO Tips so you're started in the right direction and make your website work harde...

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What does GDPR mean for Small and Medium businesses?

May 01st 2018

GDPR seems to be all anybody in the cooperate world is talking about now, with people offering classes on the new law change, to people deleting everything they have on file to do with users cough Wet...

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Why did Wetherspoon's shut down their social media?

May 01st 2018

In April, Wetherspoon's made the announcement through their head office twitter account that they would be suspending their social media channels for all local branches, including head office with imm...

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Creativity & Innovation

April 24th 2018

New product development (NPD) and innovation are two main approaches behind building, creating and maintaining competitive advantage to ensure commercial success. Innovation is defined in terms of the...

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The Best Ways to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

March 27th 2018

Like anything in marketing, you can spend money whether it be digital or on traditional means of advertising but return isn’t always guaranteed. However, there is a way to maximise the effectiveness o...

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The Seven Ad Appeals

March 13th 2018

The seven ad appeals are a set of seven persuasion techniques by Clow and Baack that tap into consumers thoughts and purchasing decisions. They attract target audiences by relating to consumers every...

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3 Kick-ass Women in Code You Should Know

March 08th 2018

2018 marks 100 years since women over 30 and all men over 21 got the vote. The Representation of the People Act 1918 was only partial suffragette, but it was a victory which propelled the rest of gend...

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Advertising theory: The Means-end model

February 28th 2018

In this article, we’re going to look at the Means- end (MECCAS) advertising theory. Topics covered are; product attributes, consumer benefits, leverage points, personal appeals and the executive frame...

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James Blackman 'Counting the cost of late payment' Podcast

February 26th 2018

Last week Cocoonfxmedia's James Blackman featured in episode eight of The Chamber Podcast where the focus and topic of conversation was around late payments and the effect they have on SMEs and other...

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Building an innovative culture

February 12th 2018

Building a culture that is fertile for innovation will vary from organisation to organisation. By it nature innovation is often creative and non-systematic, and cannot therefore be achieved by followi...

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3 Tips for students avoiding social-media 'cliff-edge'

February 06th 2018

Social media is quickly becoming one of the highest sources of anxiety for children across the country. Use our quick guide to combat the social media cliff edge and make sure your pupils are clued up...

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The face of the UKs skills gap!

February 06th 2018

The "skills gap" - it's a common thread to be heard amongst businesses and in the conversations I've been privy to businesses usually place the blame squarely on the educational institutions.

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The Lichfield and Tamworth Presidents award

January 31st 2018

Last week we attended the annual Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce awards dinner at The Belfry, where our very own James Blackman was there to present the Lichfield and Tamworth Presidents award...

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5 Sources of competitive advantage

January 31st 2018

Competitive advantage is a set of circumstances or conditions (such as being first to take a product to market) that puts one company in a more favorable position than the other. Read on to find out m...

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5 tips to what makes a good School Website?

January 24th 2018

Your school is actually a brand to start with so ideally your website needs to communicate your ethos and brand messages.

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17 Elements of school websites

January 10th 2018

Cocoonfxmedia we specialise in school websites, this post is an insightful help piece about the 17 pages that your school's website must have according to Ofsted guidelines.

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The beginning of Amazon: E-commerce history

December 07th 2017

The Amazon is the largest river in the world, so it is no coincidence that this was the name chosen for Jeff Bezos’ 1994 online bookseller start-up company.

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Important lessons to be learnt by generation Z

November 29th 2017

Just like a business, you have a personal brand. Using social media can strengthen or diminish this portrayal of yourself. Lessons to be learnt by generation Z.

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

November 14th 2017

The six steps integrated marketing communications plan, is an approach that achieves the objectives of a marketing campaign, through well-coordinated use of promotion

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7 Guidelines for Designers to Become Involved in Strategy

November 12th 2017

Design has a lot to offer the business world this article will give you seven guidelines for us designers to become involved in strategy.

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Creativity at the heart of business

November 09th 2017

Business Innovation has to be at the heart of every business plan. This blog talks about the innovation in web design and development for SMEs

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Why authenticity in marketing is important

November 07th 2017

Authenticity is especially important when creating a brand and marketing products. Likes and comments are psychologically rewarding, but just for show.

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New Lead Developer - Gareth Walrond

November 01st 2017

At Cocoonfxmedia it’s all steam ahead this month as the company take on their second employee, Gareth Walrond, in the space of four weeks.

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New marketing officer joins the Cocoonfxmedia team

October 12th 2017

Award winning Cocoonfxmedia Ltd have employed Hattie Anderson to take on responsibility for Marketing and Social Media Management

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Business Innovation - Startups Video

September 10th 2017

An interview with Cocoonfxmedia Ltd - James Blackman. Talking about what it takes to setup a business. Filmed exactly 5 years ago an still current.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

July 24th 2017

The GDPR is the new European legal framework for the protection of personal data. It is vital that your business has a good understanding of the regulation.

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Using the Extended 3P’s in Marketing

July 03rd 2017

This blog is looking at the extension of the 4ps in Marketing. The Extended 3Ps is still critical for marketing. Have a read and please share

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Lichfield Festival's brand new website

May 24th 2017

Press Release: Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has successfully launched the newly designed website for the Lichfield Festival.

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A Short (But Very Useful) Guide to Website Planning

April 27th 2017

A really useful guide on how to plan your website project and where to start when it comes to Website Planning and Design.

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In uncertain times, remember the basics

February 21st 2017

Stop waiting to see what happens after Brexit, go back to basics, adapt, and keep doing good business. Position yourself now rather than later

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How to Setup a Business Website [The No-Nonsense Way]

February 08th 2017

Your a start-up & you want to know how to setup a website.This blog will help you understand about how to start a business website using local web designers

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My website doesn’t seem to update?

February 01st 2017

Websites unfortunately cache. This is where key information is stored in your browser so the next time you visit the site loads quicker. Read More...

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How to improve customer service – a practical guide

January 31st 2017

This article provides a method by which you can identify where to improve customer service and by extension the experience a customer will have.

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Web Design – Fashion or User Experience?

January 18th 2017

Big sliders, lots of movement on the page. Video Autoplaying. What about data allowance leading to a poor design and user experience. New blog on website design

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digital marketing agency celebrates record growth

January 18th 2017

Web design and digital marketing agency celebrates record growth thanks to transparent service with measurable results

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Get More from your Website with Content Repurposing

January 13th 2017

You've written an amazing blog a year back, you want to use it again. Have a think can it be converted into video and repurpose the content

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Businesses encouraged to join the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ pledge

October 06th 2016

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd supports Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerces pledge to pay all supplier within 30 days.

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Why Manufacturers Need Web Designers

September 20th 2016

Manufacturing website design experts Cocoonfxmedia has written a blog on why Manufacturers are still behind the times with web design

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A New Approach to SMART Objectives

August 23rd 2016

SMART objectives - traditional marketing meme to ensure your activities are relevant & trackable. This helps you to understand what works and what doesn't.

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The Website an Ultimate Supply Chain Consultant

July 29th 2016

Designing a webste for Logistics/freight forwarders is like an inbound and outbound supply chain.

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Business Web Design; Where to Start?

July 29th 2016

We’ve seen how jumping straight into graphic web design can cause your marketing objectives to quickly become lost in translation.

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Facebook Page Authorisation

July 22nd 2016

A really simple quick guide to getting your Facebook business page authorised.

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Best Wordpress Templates Custom or Premium

July 18th 2016

Wordpress is a very popular content management system. This blog going through the differences to a custom built theme to a purchased theme

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Development of Logistics Carbon Calculator

July 12th 2016

Experts in Web Design and Development for Logistics - Owner of Cocoonfxmedia Ltd designed the framework of a leading C02 Carbon Calculator

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Now is a time for collaboration

June 27th 2016

With voting leave the local ecomony in Lichfield & Tamworth is a time for collaboration and growth. Lets look forward to building the local economy

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Can national business benefit from local search?

May 26th 2016

Local Search is a new buzz term in the SEO world. This article is an overview on Staffordshire businesses using local SEO

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President for Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce

April 23rd 2016

Staffordshire based Cocoonfxmedia Announce Managing Partner James Blackman as President of Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce

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Cocoonfxmedia Awarded ‘Best Web Design Company’

April 14th 2016

Lichfield based digital marketing company has proudly been awarded the Business Excellence Award for Best Local Web Designer in Staffordshire

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Representing Lichfield Culture

March 09th 2016

Your Local Lichfield Web Design Company representing Lichfield culture local marketing solutions by Staffordshire based Cocoonfxmedia Ltd

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Choosing A Local Web Designer

January 31st 2016

Are you planning to have a website designed to promote your business online? Choose local - Cocoonfxmedia Ltd Web Design Staffordshire

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Pay in 30 Days

January 10th 2016

Paying in 30 days is critical for all businesses to work to. If your paying over 30days you can create cashflow problems of suppliers supplier. #PayIn30Days

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Getting your website working hard for you!

November 30th 2015

So you’re a business owner or a marketing manager and the continuous thought in the back of your head is the website isn’t working. I am not enough from it.  Does this sound familiar?

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Understanding Digital Marketing

November 30th 2015

Digital marketing - can ride the wave of the latest new trends, this article compares digital marketing to traditional marketing.

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Bobbie Howells - Working For Cocoonfxmedia – My Experience

September 15th 2015

Bobbie Howells did 8 weeks of work experience through the Catch22 Skills To Employment through Staffordshire County Council. This is a blog on his experience.

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Tags in Wordpress - Bad for SEO

September 09th 2015

We know that the search engines hate duplicate content, and there are ways to insure this doesn’t happen to your website and have best practice SEO

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5 Vital Aspects for Successful Digital Marketing

September 04th 2015

All aspects for digital marketing for our clients, and these can be obtained by using partnership programme through Cocoonfxmedia Ltd.

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Major Update from Google! - Panda 4.2

July 29th 2015

As the world of SEO is thrown into panic over Panda 4.2, we have a very simple blog on the latest update

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Marketing Challenges

July 20th 2015

Digital Marketing Challenges a marketing manager today is faced with. The new breed of superhero. Have a read to see if you can be a superhero...

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Service + Design Thinking = Service Design

July 06th 2015

This post provides a good outline to service design and the techniques that are used, it also touches upon management techniques

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Service Bundling

June 29th 2015

Service bundling describes the way a marketer can build value around a product, this post explains the fundamental to the approach

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Marketing Mix & Service Extension (3Ps)

June 26th 2015

This blog highlights areas of key marketing concepts of the marketing mix and service extensions and how the process provides a framework to marketing as a whole

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Product or Service

June 22nd 2015

The post discusses the thinking behind seeing deliverable as product or service and shows that maybe the two are interchangeable.

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The Creative Process

June 13th 2015

By understanding the creative process we can start to identify milestones that may normally be difficult to identify.

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Service Characteristics

June 08th 2015

The line between product & service are becoming ever more blurred, service characteristics provides a framework for further consideration.

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Service Economy & Service Design

May 26th 2015

This post defines service economy and service design explaining some of the reasons as to why service design evolved

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Presentation - Introduction to Social Media Marketing

May 21st 2015

We did a talk to WiRE Lichfield a few months ago, on an introduction to Social Media Marketing.

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Want a 30 times better opt-in rate than email

April 30th 2015

Push notifications help increase opt in rates by 30x this post explains the benefits of this exciting new function

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Google Searches to Sort Fact from Fiction

March 26th 2015

Google Searches - Just because Google’s knowledge vault says something is a fact, does it make it a fact?

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James Blackman - New Vice President

March 10th 2015

James Blackman new Vice President for the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Go mobile or drop-off in the rankings!

March 09th 2015

Google mobile-friendliness is going to be used as a ranking factor for all sites on Mobile Search. Read our blog for more information

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How to Access Digital Marketing: The Small Business Way

February 19th 2015

As someone who practically lives in the online world and has seen the successful results from digital marketing

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Thinking about Content Strategy

February 16th 2015

Bill Gates told us “content is king.” Since then the phrase has taken on a life of its own. It has become like a mantra for the SEO world

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Your Friendly (and helpful) Guide to SEO

January 28th 2015

Of course, you can take on the challenge of SEO yourself. However it’s important to weigh up the cost and time in learning this technical discipline

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Transcend in Design and Marketing

January 07th 2015

Explanation of our mission statement - We will strive to make sure that we go above and beyond all other digital agencies

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Do what you're good at

January 02nd 2015

Often small businesses offer to much and get bogged down with services which end up killing the growth of their business.

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Just to What the heck am I doing with Twitter?

December 23rd 2014

The fear of social media sometimes holds back a company from making a big impact within their market place. This article helps answers some of the questions

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Design strategy and innovation - the Cox Report

December 21st 2014

The Cox report highlighted the importance of creativity, design strategy and innovation. This post offers a brief overview of the report.

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Power of Social Media

December 20th 2014

The actions through social media stopped the destruction of a local forest in Tamworth

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Design Management IS important.

October 31st 2014

Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation - Design Management is Important

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Myths surrounding website design

October 27th 2014

This blog explores, the common myths surrounding website design briefs and why there so important.

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SEO Thin Content

October 15th 2014

Website these days need high quality content, to get the best possibly search engine rankings. This blog is about what Thin Content is

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Brand definition – our take on it anyway!

October 04th 2014

Definitions for brand vary greatly, a brand might refer to the organisation such as ‘Nestle’ or ‘Virgin’. This blog is on our take on Branding

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Advantages of using a local Web Designer

September 13th 2014

Local web designer, Cocoonfxmedia Ltd provide engaging web designs, this blog is about the advantages of using locally based web design companies

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How to ensure your ‘PIGEONS’ don't come home to roost

August 29th 2014

The fact is that it’s no good boosting your company’s visibility in New York if, say, you’re business is in Rotherham. Google Local Search algorithm article

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Don't be held to ransom by social media

July 04th 2014

Case Study on how we managed a social media management for a new charity. Cocoonfxmedia used Twitter to promote the charity to increase their reach.

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The Importance of Brand Consistency

June 19th 2014

Whenever I hear the word ‘branding’ the first thing I think of is that scene in Jackass 2 where Bam Marghera gets branded with a branding iron.

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Not the typical SEO Blog

June 17th 2014

Lets debate what good content is. This post is to provoke some discussions into what really SEO should be doing content wise

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Paying Off Monthly Dues When You Don't Have Profits Yet

May 28th 2014

Running any sort of business is a matter of balancing your cash flow, ensuring that your expenses are less than your income.

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Board Member Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce

May 20th 2014

James Blackman - Director of Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has been appointed as a Board member of Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Tamworth.

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Marketing - a definition

May 19th 2014

Marketing as a discipline has constantly evolved over time along side business, it is a function that has essentially been born out of competitive need

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Setting Your Business Up Online

May 11th 2014

This article was printed in the Tamworth Herald receiving a great response. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd are experts in Web Design

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Webmail - Email Filters to help prevent Spam

January 27th 2014

Setting Up Email Filters in Webmail- Webmail is commonly used for SME's however Spam is always a problem. This video shows how to set up email filters

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Email Settings POP3 or IMAP

January 12th 2014

POP3 or IMAP on email - Often the settings are confusing so we’ve explained an scenario which could help your understanding

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How to setup an Email Account on Mac Mail

December 20th 2013

We're often asked how to setup an email account on a Mac or iPhone/iPad. This short tutorial will assist our clients and followers on how to setup an email account in a matter of minutes.

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Guide to SEO for 2014 and beyond

December 19th 2013

Your website must maximise your future business potential, it is essential you create a workable SEO strategy

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Setting Up Your Email in Microsoft Outlook

December 18th 2013

Setting up an email account is easy when you follow our quick step on setting up a POP3/IMAP email account with Outlook 2003

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Google’s Search Engine Wildlife is Expanding

October 16th 2013

Hummingbird, the latest algorithm to change the face of digital marketing and SEO. Organic search you really need to face facts – content is king.

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Merging Business Facebook Pages

September 23rd 2013

This is becoming a common question and one of our followers suggested the following really useful tip on how to merge Facebook duplicate business pages.

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Five Ways to Immediately Improve Your Business Performance

September 17th 2013

The gap between success and failure, for small and medium sized businesses, can be a small one. It’s vital that you take every opportunity to refine your services, perfect your products and stay on to...

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Wordpress Twenty Thirteen Post Excerpts

August 08th 2013

Wordpress 3.6 Twenty Thirteen theme is completely new. This post explains how to add the Click to view more function on post excerpts.

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Meta Keywords - Do they help with SEO?

July 27th 2013

Meta Keywords are no longer used by search engines. Use keywords within your content but don't keyword stuff

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5 Reasons your website is not making sales

July 22nd 2013

High quality content and small businesses don't often go hand in hand.

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Twitter Business Strategy

June 03rd 2013

Twitter has become one of the leading social networking sites. This post introduces what a Twitter Business Strategy needs to be.

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Small Business Cash Flow!

May 20th 2013

As a small business owner based in Tamworth. However even in an upturn you’re going to have the same issues with cash flow but possibly not as hard hitting.

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Which Fonts Should We Use?

May 01st 2013

During selection of font we have to bear in mind type of audience, what is the communication, medium used, emotional response and psychological aspects.

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SEO Essentials For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

April 19th 2013

The Internet is filled with billions of websites. This article is an insight into SEO Essentials to increase your traffic.

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Making The Most Out Of Data SEO PPC

April 14th 2013

SEO PPC Getting Online, Analytical and Results – Using data effectively to help drive sales through your website in a measured way

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SEO Building Blocks

April 10th 2013

White Hat SEO 101 – Infographic With Explanation explaining the SEO Building Blocks needed to get your website into the top postions on Google.

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Chatwing chat software specific chat application

April 07th 2013

When it comes to parameters, Chatwing emerges as a champion. You can easily set up the login options for your visitors—Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Guest, or even Chatwing account.

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Facebook: a New Advertising Medium for a New Generation

March 06th 2013

Facebook Business Page as a cost-effective means to use social media to advertise and promote the services their company provides

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How to Comply With the EU Cookie Law

February 24th 2013

The EU cookie law requires you to gain consent before storing cookies of the computers of your website’s visitors. This is part of GDPR which all businesses most adhere to.

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Displaying Wordpress Posts in HTML page

February 17th 2013

Its very difficult to place PHP into a standard HTML page we have the answer. Short article on how to do this.

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Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts

January 03rd 2013

Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts. Wordpress there are many different really neat functions which are very easy to implement into your website.

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Does your social media shine like a beacon?

December 06th 2012

Ok, so you have taken the plunge and now have a web presence but traffic numbers are not what you envisaged. (Social media management)

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External Links

December 05th 2012

Best practices for external links. External links are hyperlinks that point at (target) any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source).

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You Need To Entice People To Read Your Page Copy Content

November 27th 2012

Running a business, you need to entice people to read your web page copy content. Content has be to useful to your users

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The benefits of Outsourcing SEO and Social Media Marketing

October 23rd 2012

The SEO process is a science pretty much in the same mode as the science of ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ school of thought.This blog explores outsourcing SEO & Social Media.

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How to clear cookies form Internet Explorer 8-9

October 09th 2012

Quick step guide to make your web browser work more efficiently and faster with some basic house keeping. Luckily IE8 & 9 are no longer supported by Micosoft.

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Google hits Exact Match Domains

September 30th 2012

Exact Match Domain searches, a new problem for SEO experts and webmasters. EMD is to fit spam

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Agile Marketing

August 22nd 2012

Agile Marketing - offers users more value and helps organisations help to adapt to market conditions

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Using Current Events To Build Links To Your Website

August 10th 2012

Generating enough backlinks to your businesses website can be a struggle at times. Research is the key for backlinkings

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How to approach customers

July 23rd 2012

Sales is Sales! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The principles are the same. Article updated in 2015

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Web site not attracting enough clients

July 23rd 2012

We can provide you with the tools and expertise to help you get your site to the top positions within the Search Engines

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Web Designer or Web Developer?

July 20th 2012

Following on from our article written about web design, we thought we would create a useful article on what is the difference between a designer and developer

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EU Cookie Law - What is Cookie Control?

April 22nd 2012

EU Cookie Law legislation (GDPR) requires websites to obtain explicit consent before leaving behind or reading files (mostly cookies) on your user's computers

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Using Audience Feedback to Shape Keyword Strategy

January 30th 2012

Deciding which keywords are the "best" for your website is an on-going process. You should be constantly analyzing and adjusting your keyword strategy.

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The benefits of using Google Analytics for your business.

January 30th 2012

Google analytics is an outstanding tool that allows you to gather information on where customers are accessing your web page from and how they interact .

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Local Search for Small Businesses

January 28th 2012

Google is now serving a wider variety of local results. Local SEO Companies for small businesses is key to get found many on mobiles UPDATED July 2020.

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Links - What are they?

September 18th 2011

What are Links A well designed website clearly outlines the merits of your services or products.

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Making Online Marketing Work for You

July 22nd 2011

Search engine optimisation is a very powerful tool which can be used to ensure that your business is successful both online and offline.

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What is Web Design..?

July 19th 2011

Web Design is the process of designing websites — a collection of online content including documents and applications that reside on a web server/servers.

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Social Marketing - The Power of Twitter

June 18th 2011

Social Media is so powerful tool, this blog hi-lights the power to put pressure on large organisations and governing bodies to act

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Website Blogs - The importance of a blog

February 14th 2010

Cocoonfxmedia can offer Blog using Wordpress blog/cms system.

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