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A Selection of Blogs and Articles around web design, marketing and business. We have a lot of excellent blogs particularly around Marketing. Many Universities use our blogs below to help with their research. Please do feel free to share the content

How Integrated Marketing Communications Ramp Up Your SEO

May 10th 2022

To do this, your business needs to undertake an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy. What is that, exactly? That’s what we’ll be learning today

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6 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Be Using Proxy Services

May 09th 2022

We do complex research for marketing, sometimes you get blocked using services. This is why many digital marketers use proxies and we've written a blog about this.

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How to Create High-Converting Ads in 2022

May 07th 2022

​The dream of every marketing guru is to create a high-converting ad that drives revenue and growth. The truth of advertising is more complex. Some ads perform better than others. This blog looks at h...

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Digital Marketing Trends to Come in 2021

August 18th 2020

he online world has seen exponential growth in the face of this adversity and has adapted to the demand of what consumers require from online services and shops for both essential and luxury goods.

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How to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce site

January 14th 2020

Get ready for new visitors, new purchasers and loyal customers with our handy guide on how to increase sales on your e-commerce site! We know that every e-commerce site owner wants more sales so find...

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Organic SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 21st 2018

You've got your website built, now its time to make sure your small businesses website gets found! Follow our helpful SEO Tips so you're started in the right direction and make your website work harde...

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Why did Wetherspoon's shut down their social media?

May 01st 2018

In April, Wetherspoon's made the announcement through their head office twitter account that they would be suspending their social media channels for all local branches, including head office with imm...

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Creativity & Innovation

April 24th 2018

New product development (NPD) and innovation are two main approaches behind building, creating and maintaining competitive advantage to ensure commercial success. Innovation is defined in terms of the...

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The Best Ways to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

March 27th 2018

Like anything in marketing, you can spend money whether it be digital or on traditional means of advertising but return isn’t always guaranteed. However, there is a way to maximise the effectiveness o...

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The Seven Ad Appeals

March 13th 2018

The seven ad appeals are a set of seven persuasion techniques by Clow and Baack that tap into consumers thoughts and purchasing decisions. They attract target audiences by relating to consumers every...

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The beginning of Amazon: E-commerce history

December 07th 2017

The Amazon is the largest river in the world, so it is no coincidence that this was the name chosen for Jeff Bezos’ 1994 online bookseller start-up company.

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Why authenticity in marketing is important

November 07th 2017

Authenticity is especially important when creating a brand and marketing products. Likes and comments are psychologically rewarding, but just for show.

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Using the Extended 3P’s in Marketing

July 03rd 2017

This blog is looking at the extension of the 4ps in Marketing. The Extended 3Ps is still critical for marketing. Have a read and please share

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How to improve customer service – a practical guide

January 31st 2017

This article provides a method by which you can identify where to improve customer service and by extension the experience a customer will have.

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Get More from your Website with Content Repurposing

January 13th 2017

You've written an amazing blog a year back, you want to use it again. Have a think can it be converted into video and repurpose the content

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A New Approach to SMART Objectives

August 23rd 2016

SMART objectives - traditional marketing meme to ensure your activities are relevant & trackable. This helps you to understand what works and what doesn't.

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The Website an Ultimate Supply Chain Consultant

July 29th 2016

Designing a webste for Logistics/freight forwarders is like an inbound and outbound supply chain.

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Can national business benefit from local search?

May 26th 2016

Local Search is a new buzz term in the SEO world. This article is an overview on Staffordshire businesses using local SEO

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Representing Lichfield Culture

March 09th 2016

Your Local Lichfield Web Design Company representing Lichfield culture local marketing solutions by Staffordshire based Cocoonfxmedia Ltd

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Getting your website working hard for you!

November 30th 2015

So you’re a business owner or a marketing manager and the continuous thought in the back of your head is the website isn’t working. I am not enough from it.  Does this sound familiar?

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Understanding Digital Marketing

November 30th 2015

Digital marketing - can ride the wave of the latest new trends, this article compares digital marketing to traditional marketing.

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5 Vital Aspects for Successful Digital Marketing

September 04th 2015

All aspects for digital marketing for our clients, and these can be obtained by using partnership programme through Cocoonfxmedia Ltd.

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Major Update from Google! - Panda 4.2

July 29th 2015

As the world of SEO is thrown into panic over Panda 4.2, we have a very simple blog on the latest update

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Marketing Challenges

July 20th 2015

Digital Marketing Challenges a marketing manager today is faced with. The new breed of superhero. Have a read to see if you can be a superhero...

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Marketing Mix & Service Extension (3Ps)

June 26th 2015

This blog highlights areas of key marketing concepts of the marketing mix and service extensions and how the process provides a framework to marketing as a whole

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Google Searches to Sort Fact from Fiction

March 26th 2015

Google Searches - Just because Google’s knowledge vault says something is a fact, does it make it a fact?

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Thinking about Content Strategy

February 16th 2015

Bill Gates told us “content is king.” Since then the phrase has taken on a life of its own. It has become like a mantra for the SEO world

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Transcend in Design and Marketing

January 07th 2015

Explanation of our mission statement - We will strive to make sure that we go above and beyond all other digital agencies

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Brand definition – our take on it anyway!

October 04th 2014

Definitions for brand vary greatly, a brand might refer to the organisation such as ‘Nestle’ or ‘Virgin’. This blog is on our take on Branding

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The Importance of Brand Consistency

June 19th 2014

Whenever I hear the word ‘branding’ the first thing I think of is that scene in Jackass 2 where Bam Marghera gets branded with a branding iron.

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Marketing - a definition

May 19th 2014

Marketing as a discipline has constantly evolved over time along side business, it is a function that has essentially been born out of competitive need

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Guide to SEO for 2014 and beyond

December 19th 2013

Your website must maximise your future business potential, it is essential you create a workable SEO strategy

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What is Web Design..?

July 19th 2011

Web Design is the process of designing websites — a collection of online content including documents and applications that reside on a web server/servers.

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