100% Carbon Neutral Pledge

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has always been about doing the right thing for our clients. If it's providing out of the box thinking, to help to promote good business practices such as paying suppliers within 30 days.  We also heavily think about what impact our industry has on the planet. 

100% Paperless

Just to say we're not jumping on the bandwagon to be fashionable or doing a box-ticking exercise, we've genuinely been active with regards to the environment, such as digitalising everything so we're paperless. No invoices are being sent by mail. No direct mail, not printing off of designs or emails. In fact, the only time we've used our printer is to print off legal documents, that it. The bank is the only person who sends us paper statements (Even after asking them to stop).

100% Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

The first step towards our question to reducing our footprint was to find suppliers who are like-minded so in 2017 we found a provider to supply our servers who is eco-friendly. We did this, not only is their office's carbon offset but the whole data centre and absolutely everything associated with this. So from 2017 all our clients who use us for hosting their websites, or managing their business systems are, and have been carbon offset which is traceable. So far they've planted over 1 million trees and have offset over 10,000 Tonnes of C02. 

100% Organic Coding

Not only is our web hosting 100% Carbon Neutral, but All our coding is also done in-house and not only that the major framework we use Laravel, but the developers have also offset the framework and 68 Tonnes of C02. 

100% Remote Working

Another step of making the business have less of an impact the lockdowns on COVID made us think do we actually need the office. We already had one member of staff remote working from another country for years before. The improvement from using Skype to Zoom & Teams meant we can host the meetings remotely. As soon as the lease had its breakpoint we ditched the office removing 4500 miles of travel estimated 250kgs of C02 per year.  It also reduced business mileage by a similar amount a year. We also didn't replace the company cars so now it's either Teams or Zoom, or public transport to see our clients.

Carbon Calculators

As the company has extensive knowledge of the logistics industry and also has done extensive research into C02 emissions for logistics, we decided to build a carbon calculator for logistics. The framework was designed by our Managing Partner James Blackman for the largest logistics company in the world. We set up a standalone website to https://cocooncarbon.co.uk/ to allow users to check how much C02 had been used shipping their freight. We found that other companies from Travel consultants to Charities were using it to help carbon offset. We will be enhancing our calculators to be even more accurate and possibly extend to include not just logistics shipments.

100% Carbon Neutral by 2022

In October 2021 after doing more research we have found a suitable partner to offset the rest of our online usage. We had some clients using their own hosting services and we also had a requirement to Amazon Web Servers (AWS) in which we have over 10 servers. We need to make sure they fell under our 100% Carbon Neutral Hosting pledge. So using Ecologi we're planting a minimum of 36 trees a month which will reduce C02 Emissions by 3.1 Tonnes a month. This will offset more than we use and some. Using Ecologi means we can have a piece of auditable evidence that we're doing what we say we are. We're also using THG - More Trees as Carbon Offsetting via Carbon Credits https://moretrees.eco/forest/c...

View our CO2eq certificates

Total CO2eq avoided 2.0 tonnes carbon offset. 

View certificate: ecologi-certificate-21-jan-2022-86c7365

Total CO2eq avoided 2.65 tonnes carbon offset. 

View Certificate: ecologi-certificate-9-jan-2022-9179e27

Total CO2eq avoided 2.65 tonnes carbon offset

View Certificate:  ecologi-certificate-9-dec-2021-da71d95

Total CO2eq avoided 2.65 tonnes carbon offset

View Certificate: ecologi-certificate-9-nov-2021-9b66c97

Total CO2eq avoided 10 tonnes carbon offset

View certificate: ecologi-certificate-15-oct-2021-0d60b92

Total CO2eq avoided 10 tonnes carbon offset

View certificate: ecologi-certificate-15-oct-2021-a142e4a

Total CO2eq avoided 2.65 tonnes carbon offset.

View certificate: ecologi-certificate-9-oct-2021-e83d13f

Total CO2eq avoided 0.5 tonnes carbon offset

View certificate: ecologi-certificate-9-oct-2021-43f47b1

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