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​Pay per click vs. SEO

May 02nd 2022

When it comes to Google we have 2 main ways of working with the search engine, pay per click and SEO.

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Creative SEO Strategies in the Time of Dynamic SERPs

April 13th 2022

Coming up with creative SEO strategies can put you ahead of the competition in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This blogs explored SERPs and SEO Strategies

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Local SEO: An introduction

April 05th 2022

The benefit of local search is that it shows all the immediate information users are looking for such as reviews and opening times and a direct call button.

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How Does Google Lens Impact SEO?

April 04th 2022

Google Lens started as a relative niche product and now SEO is a critical area that is needed to get found. This blog explores how SEO evolves and looks at how it SEO works for Google Glass.

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Why Do You Need to Prioritise Mobile SEO Strategies?

February 10th 2022

Why Do You Need to Prioritise Mobile SEO Strategies? Mobiles are now being used more than Tablets and will overtake desktops very soon. This insightful blog on Mobile SEO for 2022 explores this.

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Top tips for businesses to improve their local SEO

February 02nd 2022

As consumers move increasingly online, local SEO has never been more important than right now in 2022, and in Birmingham, with the commonwealth games around the corner, you’ll take advantage of the ex...

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Get found on Google with Local SEO

January 14th 2022

It’s not long now until Birmingham hosts the Commonwealth Games, it’s less than 200 days away! Now is the time to optimise your Local SEO.

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5 Key SEO Trends to keep an eye on in 2022

January 04th 2022

So much is going on in the world of SEO, and you need to stay on top of it all to ensure that things (rankings) are in your control.

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Google’s Core Web Vitals explained

October 29th 2021

Improve your sites visitors' experience by measuring and reacting to Google's Core Web Vitals. The latest set of tools are to do with gauging page load times.

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Why Is Google Changing Title Tags On SERPS?

September 10th 2021

What Does Google's Algorithm Change Mean for SEOs and Website Owners? This blog explores why Google has implemented this change and what it means for a website owner and SEO Agency.

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How to Get on the First Page of Google as an SEO Beginner

May 13th 2021

How to Get on the First Page of Google as an SEO Beginner. With Google new update Core Web Vitals you need to understand the basics of SEO.

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Google Algorithms - It's all bananas!

April 07th 2021

We’re all aware that Google is the master when it comes to getting found on the internet but Google Algorithms are bananas! SEO is a complex process but logical if you know how.

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A Guide for Business Owners: 2 Ways to Appeal to Gen Z Consumers

September 29th 2020

Generation Z was born between the late-1990s and early 2000s, which means they’ve never really known a world without the web. Having grown up with it literally at their fingertips, they know everythin...

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Content Marketing: 5 Essential Reasons to Use Infographics

August 11th 2020

Graphic Design can enhance and improve your SEO. Well designed and thought out infographics can help with your SEO Efforts. Read what also will help with design etc..

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When and Why Should You Update Your SEO?

July 17th 2020

Updating your SEO regularly is extremely important to make sure that you can stay at the top of search rankings and to ensure that your marketing efforts remain fresh

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Why SEO Is Essential In 2020

June 22nd 2020

The key is to use an SEO agency that has plenty of experience thinks outside the box and doesn't follow the crowd. Experience is key over cost and thats why Cocoonfxmedia has over 10 years experience...

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5 Reasons You Need the Help of a Professional Website Design Lichfield Company

March 11th 2020

If you want to be more visible online, here are all of the reasons why you need a more professional approach to your website design.

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Why Strong Website Design is Vital for E-commerce Brands

February 24th 2020

The more well-designed your website, the more access to valuable data you have. In the digital age of business, that data is the new oil. If you’re not using your metrics, measuring them, and respondi...

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4 Reasons You’re Not Ranking as Well as You Should Be

February 04th 2020

Organic traffic — it's what we all crave! you need a good User Experience, Quality Content, Link Profile. However if your not ranking well your going after the wrong keys. This blog gives you 4 simple...

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The Importance of Regular SEO

May 15th 2019

The importance of regular SEO is important for your website to gain traffic and succeed. Many industries are still not embracing SEO such as Logistics and Manufacturing. Please have a read

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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Third-Party Review Sites

April 29th 2019

Everyone wants their site or company to have authority in their given industry. However, this is often easier said than done. Read this article about SEO

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Tricks That Will Help Boost Your Business Website Ranking

March 22nd 2019

Alot of money is wasted on SEO being done incorrectly. This blog is a highlevel help blog on the very basics on what you need for SEO.

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Making your website secure with an SSL Certificate

July 18th 2018

Many in the logistics world are struggling to keep up with technology and with the ever-changing world of technology it’s hard to know what you should be doing to digitalise your supply chain. Having...

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Is Digital Going Green?

June 01st 2018

It’s a digital world and there is no doubt about it, but when it comes to your digital marketing and everyday use of the internet is it possible that you can make your carbon footprint that little bit...

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Tags in Wordpress - Bad for SEO

September 09th 2015

We know that the search engines hate duplicate content, and there are ways to insure this doesn’t happen to your website and have best practice SEO

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Go mobile or drop-off in the rankings!

March 09th 2015

Google mobile-friendliness is going to be used as a ranking factor for all sites on Mobile Search. Read our blog for more information

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Your Friendly (and helpful) Guide to SEO

January 28th 2015

Of course, you can take on the challenge of SEO yourself. However it’s important to weigh up the cost and time in learning this technical discipline

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SEO Thin Content

October 15th 2014

Website these days need high quality content, to get the best possibly search engine rankings. This blog is about what Thin Content is

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How to ensure your ‘PIGEONS’ don't come home to roost

August 29th 2014

The fact is that it’s no good boosting your company’s visibility in New York if, say, you’re business is in Rotherham. Google Local Search algorithm article

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Not the typical SEO Blog

June 17th 2014

Lets debate what good content is. This post is to provoke some discussions into what really SEO should be doing content wise

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Google’s Search Engine Wildlife is Expanding

October 16th 2013

Hummingbird, the latest algorithm to change the face of digital marketing and SEO. Organic search you really need to face facts – content is king.

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SEO Essentials For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

April 19th 2013

The Internet is filled with billions of websites. This article is an insight into SEO Essentials to increase your traffic.

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You Need To Entice People To Read Your Page Copy Content

November 27th 2012

Running a business, you need to entice people to read your web page copy content. Content has be to useful to your users

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