Logo Design

The unifying symbol for people to get behind

A logo is the mark of your business. It is the short-hand identifier to everything that your business represents. It is the starting point of developing your business identity.

Logo Design

What is Logo Design?

The process of logo design explores your brand – your values, your voice and the impact you want to have and starts putting form to invisible ideas. This identity must be consistent along all the customer touch points. Over time your identity will carry all these messages every time a customer views your logo.

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Start-up projects usually include

  • Exploration session
  • Initial brand concepts
  • Development of 3 concepts
  • Final work up of chosen design
  • Final files in a variety of formats for professional and internal use
  • Business card and letterhead designs

Running a logo design project

We work in partnership with our clients is key. This approach means many things. Collaboration is at the core, explaining how projects are run so you know what to expect – the design process can seem pretty crazy to people who haven’t experienced it before. We often start with hand-sketched designs, which sometimes can seem off the wall.

We then whittle down these to a few sketches to the ones you like. From there, we switch on the computer and start to change the sketches, into digital concepts.

At every step, we include you within the process, so you are in control. You can see why design decisions have been made so there are no ta-da moments.

It’s an appreciation that ultimately, you know more about your business than we do. It is our place to learn and focus on your business. We don’t pull any punches either, we’ll give you our honest opinion gained from insights from years of experience designing logo & branding projects for many different clients.

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