Team Members

Our team has over 30 years experience designing and building websites. Back in the late 90's when we all started to dabble in the web, everything was self taught however the team is more than qualified either to Degree or Master level. The team have been together for over 10 years and continue to develop and enhance their skills but constantly looking at the best ways to design and build websites.

The exciting dynamic of the team is that we don't talk as if you know web design and code. Even Gareth can talk at a human level which is most unlike web developers. If your looking for a friendly approachable team to work with you then please do get in touch with the team. 

Meet The Cocoonfxmedia Team

Picture of James Blackman

James Blackman

Managing Director

Picture of Gareth Waldron

Gareth Waldron

Lead Developer

Picture of Glen Tapper

Glen Tapper

Design Partner

Picture of Hattie Anderson

Hattie Anderson

Paid Media Manager

Give us a call - a conversation doesn't cost anything: 0121 8203659