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How To Use LinkedIn As A Business Marketing Tool

April 26th 2022

promoting your business on LinkedIn can be a bit different. For that reason, you may need to adopt some strategies to help you spread the word about your brand. To start, here are ways to use Linked...

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How To Use Social Media For B2B Marketing

January 21st 2022

Identify The Social Media Platforms Your Target Audience Uses. All social media platforms have their niche. Your target audience is likely using different platforms depending on their age, interests,...

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3 Tips for students avoiding social-media 'cliff-edge'

February 06th 2018

Social media is quickly becoming one of the highest sources of anxiety for children across the country. Use our quick guide to combat the social media cliff edge and make sure your pupils are clued up...

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Presentation - Introduction to Social Media Marketing

May 21st 2015

We did a talk to WiRE Lichfield a few months ago, on an introduction to Social Media Marketing.

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Just to What the heck am I doing with Twitter?

December 23rd 2014

The fear of social media sometimes holds back a company from making a big impact within their market place. This article helps answers some of the questions

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Power of Social Media

December 20th 2014

The actions through social media stopped the destruction of a local forest in Tamworth

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Don't be held to ransom by social media

July 04th 2014

Case Study on how we managed a social media management for a new charity. Cocoonfxmedia used Twitter to promote the charity to increase their reach.

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Twitter Business Strategy

June 03rd 2013

Twitter has become one of the leading social networking sites. This post introduces what a Twitter Business Strategy needs to be.

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