On Demand SEO

We understand sometimes you can't afford a regular campaign for your SEO. Even a small amount of work will improve how Google sees your site.

It starts to lay the stable foundation for when you can afford to do something more regularly. So we're offering a pay on demand service so you're not tied in to any contracts. Its quite straight forward choose from the type of link below:

Planting the Seed:

Grower Links, websites which are growing in traffic the authority will slowly grow after time but will have ever lasting benefit. 

  • Non Approved = £120+VAT
  • Approved  = £150 + VAT 

The Tree: 

Established site liked & Trusted by Google. Normally site age is 3-4 years old and lots of decent traffic.

  • Non Approved = £330 +VAT 
  • Approved = £480 + VAT

The Wise Oak:

Well Established website something like a Chamber of Commerce, Industry leader and authority on line. Links from these sites are picked up quickly but take longer to get published.

  • Non Approved  = £600 +VAT 
  • Approved  = £650 + VAT

Once payment is received we will find the keywords suitable for your website which will help you the most. We then will go off and write a 500 + word piece of content around your keyword (if you go non approved you will have to trust us). We then will go and research the sites or uses our existing bank of sites. 

We then negotiate with them normally takes 2 to 3 weeks and then place the content on the website. Once the link is published we will then provide you with the link. If you go the approval route we will send you the content plus between 3 to 10 sites we would recommend and then advise which one is best. 

The Non Approved you trust us with the content and the site we choose. The Approved work we get you to approve the content wording and the sites to put the content on.  (All prices are per link)

It is as simple as that.

Fill in the form out below and we will get back to you to answer any questions you have and talk through the details.

Give us a call - a conversation doesn't cost anything: 0121 8203659