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Website Design Birmingham

Become the online authority for your business with a must-visit influential website developed with the latest technology

1. Creative design brief

Identify goals that rapidly boost business


  • Work with client to identify overall business goals and rationale for website
  • Using business goals, set objectives for website
  • How achievable goals are set
  • What the benefits are to the clients

2. Functionality

Identify user demands and functionality


  • Identify your users
  • Ability to perform complex task
  • Capture and manage data
  • Ability to server your users with content

3. Visual designs

Designs created around business objectives


  • Clear non cluttered layouts
  • Minimal versions
  • Designed to meet your users needs

4. Build and development

Moving the project from design to reality


  • Clear project plan
  • Define milestones and timescales
  • Clear frameworks and coding
  • Clear Roles and Responsiblities