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Measure & Evaluate

Discover your return on investment with honest, straightforward progress reports

1. Meeting objectives

Stay in control with regular monitoring of progression

  • Review current promotional activities
  • SWOT analysis – identify online marketing weak points
  • Rectify and strengthen site / management
  • Choice of additional research and planning services for higher success rates
  • What the benefits are to the clients

2. KPIs and targets

Keep on track with systematic checks and goal achievement alerts

  • Work with client to identify marketing goals and rationale for promotion
  • Communicate ways to monitor and meet objectives
  • How achievable goals are set and how they assist success
  • What the benefits are to the clients

3. ROI Reporting

Witness your successes and improvements first hand with understandable analytic reports

  • Work out route for most cost effective strategy
  • Identify the tools to use and how will be implemented
  • How strategy will be created and meet objectives
  • What the benefits are to the clients

4. Reviews

ROI Reporting: Inform future marketing plans using insightful evaluation reviews

  • Digital toolbox
  • Areas that can be utilised
  • Categorise (Search Marketing / Content marketing / social media marketing / digital marketing)
  • What the benefits are to the clients