Website Specification

The website specification is one of the most important parts of the process. It when we full get under the hood of the design brief, often this is the fun part.  The post it notes and sharpies come out to play.

We will sit together with your team and go through the design brief and start to explorer the objectives and goals and then map this to your targeted audience.

White board session

We will go through the brief and look at your objectives, competitors and target audience. We will explorer the areas and start formulating the direction the website is going to go. We will work out which functionality is key and also look at possibly future developments. We can do this via Zoom Meeting or Microsoft Teams if required. 


We will know from the web board session who your competitors we will go off and look to see what their doing differently to you. Explorer how we can get an edge over them and document this.


From the brief and whiteboard session we would understand the personas and attended audience and how we are going to target them. This then will help shape the design.


At this stage we will ask for any brand guidelines we need to follow.

Once we've done have had the meeting we will write up and provide the specification document which will include all of the above.  The website specification document will then form the work document which clearly defines what we're going to do and provide. It will also outline anything you will need to provide us with in regards to the content.

The next step is the creative process which is often the fun part.  To view our web design service information please click here

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