Website Management

Websites require constant attention like a car and need regular servicing. 

The most critical area of any website is security. You always need to make sure your website is on the most up to date security patches or core updates. Just like your PC.  

Keeping the security updated prevents pesky spammers and hackers from breaking or breaching the site.  

Not only do you need to keep on top of the core updates, but you also need to keep both your users and search engines feed with new content and up to date information. Regular blogs and articles help attract and engage with users. 

What are the benefits of having your website managed?

We understand that you may not have the time, or technological knowledge to keep everything current. You may not have the time to blog regularly or update your content.   

We have found sites, that are managed, have the following benefits:

  • More secure and less likely to have errors
  • Better user engagement
  • Higher amount of enquiries
  • Search Engine Optimisation becomes easier

Experts in Website Management

So we have created some website management packages, which can help keep your website up to date and take the stress and worry out of managing your website. The best thing is we can tailor-make the package to suit what you want to do. 

What we can do for you:

We are complete, flexible and tailor-make packages for you to help get the most for your budget.

  • Make sure your setup with Google correctly (Google Analytics/Search Console)
  • Keep the core of the website and plugins updated regularly
  • Change and update content/Copywriting
  • Provide or upload content for blogs/case studies/articles

For more information on our website management services please do get in contact.

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