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What is a Content Management System

Published date: 5th April 2012
Last modified: 11th January 2017


A Content Management System or CMS is a program tool designed to help users manage system content. This can include web content or any other digital content. Content Management systems are used to store, manage, control, edit, revise, enrich and publish data.

Different Types of Content Management – There are hundreds of different types of data. Most Content Management Systems will support video, audio, photo, documents, phone numbers and scientific data. However; there are also different levels of use that Content Management Systems are designed for. These include those specifically designed to help manage corporations (Enterprise Content Management System) specifically for web data (Web Content Management System) and for specifically storing data in folders and sub folders (Component Content Management System).

Direct Implications– Content Management Systems can be used to control data to any given source. A web content management system will be used to control a website, the images, the text, the links; everything that is on the site. The content management system is extremely efficient for this purpose because it allows both centralized and de-centralized staff to work with the data. This means that Content Management Systems allow someone with no skills or experience with SEO, Websites programming, etc to work with it through a content management system.

In essence, the system allows an amateur to create professional style results.  In the same way an Enterprise Content Management System could be used by an amateur to store and log data in sub-files for easy storage, control stock, fix errors, log customer service and manage employees. Content management systems are generally easy to use with makes them perfect for companies without the money for hiring a full time professional to manage content at a technical level.

Uses – A Content Management System can be used for a great many things because the software allows you to facilitate the effective production of your content.

  • Enterprise Content Management System – Used to organize files such as documents, advertising, employee and tax records, money records, stock and etc. The objective is to make the corporation easier to manage because everything is easy to locate and store which can help to maintain security, integrity and overall access.


  • Web Content Management System – Probably the most common of Content Management Systems, the web content manager can be used to easily create, manage and even set up web pages. This means that with only a web content management system you can set up an entire website and publish it to the web. This content management system can also be used to directly control and adjust the SEO content of the site for optimal views. This can be done by un-skilled staff.


  • Component Content Management System – This content management system is used to organize and store data in files and sub files so that it is easily searched, categorized and located. The purpose of the system is to optimize content for re-use. Component Content Management Systems are used for security, tax auditing, reports, managing servers and maintaining objectives.


A content management system is a useful tool for anyone who will be managing content of any kind. The programs are created to be user friendly and therefore easier to use than the alternative of learning the skills to work without a content manager.

About the author :

Adam Smith is a blog writer for Hudson Horizons, nj web development company. You can read more of Adam’s posts at Hudson Horizons blog.

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