Visually Appealing Website Designs

Your online reputation starts with your website. It’s the shop front to your services and a reflection of your expertise.

It only takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to your website to decide to stay or leave based on the appearance and design of your site – therefore visual design is an extremely important aspect of website creation.

Your input into the style, colours, imagery and content is important in the creation process for Cocoonfxmedia; after all, it needs to reflect your brand.

In addition to your vision, Cocoonfxmedia can also recommend reliable design features and layouts that ensure your site is:

• Properly spaced and apportioned
• Easily scanned
• Consistently designed on every page
• Visually appealing to capture attention
• Tested to determine which designs customers prefer
• Not overcomplicated or confusing
• I’m not sure what else? Please advise.

During the creation stage of your website, it may be helpful to look at other sites you admire and layouts that impress you, here are some helpful examples. (case studies)

Whatever your style choice you can be sure Cocoonfxmedia can provide a dynamic and stunning visual representation of your professional services.

To talk to an experienced design engineer about your website appearance contact Cocoonfxmedia or move on to discover more on intelligent build and development.

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