Web Design

Web designing company, Cocoonfxmedia Ltd, is a based near Tamworth which has vast amounts of experience in both web design and web development. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd specialises in responsive web design and web development, using the latest graphic design techniques to design wonderful, easy to use and engaging websites.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd uses the latest coding languages which can take an offline design into a fully functioning, user friendly website.

  • Responsive websites
  • Content Management Systems(Wordpress/Drupal etc)
  • E-Commerce/Online stores
  • Complex websites

All our designs are bespoke allowing complete flexibility and maximising the functionality and the design of the website.


Cocoonfxmedia Ltd will sit down with our clients and go through the web design project brief, as well as the goals of your business and what you would like your website to achieve. We will take the time to understand how your business works so we can better tailor your website to the user experience.

This will mean your website is not only eye catching to the user but also that the functionally fits into the way your company operates, creating a seamless, fully integrated marketing tool for your business and your clients.


We will as a part of the consultancy stage also advise you on how the website should be designed and how the user will engage with it. We would also advise you on what method of coding should be used to create your website.


We understand that often a website will evolve and change due to either functional requirements or that you find on reflection that something does not quite fit. At Cocoonfxmedia Ltd we will work with you to get your design exactly how you want it with no loss to functionality.

If something needs to be altered or changed then no problem. As experts in web development we can easily recode or redesign a layout where required. All of our website designs conform to the highest standards and are built so that search engines love the content. We will make sure that Google analytics is setup as standard and that the correct page structure is built to W3C standards (where applicable).


All of our sites are fully tested in-house on test servers which are setup as a live environment. We will get you fully involved in understanding how your website works. We will either sit down with you and go through the workings of the website or we can screen share over the internet.


Once the design is created and web development has been signed off we will move the website project into the live environment. We will do a full test on the live environment to ensure that no defects have appeared during the migration from the test environment. Once you are satisfied we will submit your site to Google to be indexed. We can then look forward to any future developments of the website.


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