Creative Design Brief

If you start with a plan that’s unclear, you may end up with a website that is also unclear.
Creating a design brief of your requirements is an extremely useful tool so that both Cocoonfxmedia and your Management team know exactly what will be produced, when and the cost.

However, don’t worry if you’re not sure how to put a design brief together.

With support from Cocoonfxmedia and a helpful template, you can create a quick and simple design brief that contains all the information needed for an amazing, functional website.

What’s the Process for a Design Brief?

  • Download the template for a design brief here
  • A design brief includes information about your company, what you want to achieve from your newly developed website, details about your target audience, budget and timescales.
  • Cocoonfxmedia will work with you to complete the brief, offering suggestions and ideas regarding technical needs, images, content and future maintenance.
  • When written and agreed by your team, the design brief will be the basis for a contract of works.
  • You can refer to the design brief during development and completion of your project to check if all your requirements have been met.

To start the process, fill out the design brief template and email it to us or move on to the next stage in the creative process, functional websites.

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