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A design agency setup for the logistics and freight forwarders

With over 13 years experience in logistics/freight forwarding we understand the industry

Website Design Agency for Logistics

We know how to design websites for logistics companies

We all know the industry is wanting to Digtialise. We know the Logistics market is fiercely competitive and we know exactly, what it takes to get your company online and portray a world-class image to project your brand to your clients and potential clients.

Having worked within the Logistics/Freight Forwarding industry working in marketing, administrating intranets and track and trace systems. We have a unique understanding of how technology and logistics go hand in hand and what is required for your company. We understand the terminology and also the demands you face with regards to making you stand out from the rest of the logistics crowd.

Website Redesign

We often find Logistics/Freight Forwarding websites are poorly built. Often by Web Design Companies with no expertise in the industry, who don't understand your products and services.

Most the site are built using a cheap theme off a template site which is difficult to use and not optimised for SEO. The sites are often delivered not to the agreed design or business objectives.

Does this sound familiar below?

  • Poor quality visuals
  • Page structure doesn't support the Logistics/freight forwarding business
  • Non-integrated content
  • Pages that load too slowly
  • Poor or limited functionality
  • Limited visual appeal to visitors
  • No idea how to amend pages
  • NO LEADS, NO CALLS! No idea how many people are visiting the site?

All to often we find people in this position, but have no fear. Nothing is permanent! We can get your web presence back up and running. Even if you have had penalties or your site has been black listed we can get you moving again.

Robust built websites

We build a completely custom website, to a design specification.

There is just more than pictures and videos for a website. Our multi-skilled team ensures is in place so you get the most from your investment. Our website are built with your Users in mind and SEO best practice in mind. The Web hosting is 100% Carbon Offset with multi-level security measures in place. We have technology in place that speeds up the load time of a website. Google analytics is setup correctly on the site, submitted to search engines so you can measure the return on investment (ROI).

Our websites are built with your clients and potential customers in mind, we understand how to push the important elements of your logistics companies such as tracking your shipments on your mobile phone, generate sales leads and more importantly help your clients experience the best user journey.

The web design process

Explore design process

Step 1 - Explore

Sitting with your team we go through an explorative session to understand your brand, what you are looking to achieve and identify user journeys.

Design a logistics website

Step 2 - Design

A spec document is created that forms a road map for the design of the site. Designs are produced inline with the brief and once you're happy, approval is given to start the build template.

Build a website for logistics company

Step 3 - Build

The site is built on a staging area (Test Area) so you can see progress of the site. Content is added and normally there will still be changes requested. Part of the build is putting in Google analytics and setting the site up with our SEO tools.

Launch the website

Step 4 - Launch

When you are ready to take the site live we'll be there to help with technical aspects of managing your domain name and emails in the switch over. Once live we keep an eye on things as it beds in and submit your site to search engines,

Listening to your requirements

Only by listening to what you want can we hope to deliver the website you desire. It could be a single page website, or a multipage website showcasing a product catalogue or a secure, fully functioning e-commerce website.

We will design you a website using the latest site-building best practices and our skilled team can do the following:

  • WordPress
  • Wireframes
  • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap
  • PHP development (Laravel, E-Commerce, Apps)
  • Experts in web design and development
  • Full consultation to help you create a project brief
  • Understanding of the operational processes for Freight Forwarding/Logistics
  • Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

Our web design projects are built using one of two systems. WordPress (Content Management System) which is one of the most popular systems on the market, or our own advanced super-advanced fully customisable system. Which allows you scalability and endless possibilities for development. Such as Track & Trace systems and quotation systems.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

It doesn't matter if you're a 3PL or Haulier we can build and design any application/system. We excel in this.

Not only do we design the best looking websites, we're also experts in Web Development and EDI Integration

Web Development for Logistics Companies

  • Over 13+ years experience in logistics/freight forwarding (marketing and operational experience).
  • Expertise in integration with transport management systems (Multifreight, Azrya, Magaya, Sterling, TruckCom plus many more)
  • Experts in API development and design
  • Business solutions (operations systems, logistics real-time tracking & trace smart portals)
  • Blockchain integration for documentation
  • Understanding supply chains and how to build complex reports
  • C02 carbon emissions for logistics & supply chains
  • Demurrage & detention calculators including portals and rate management.

Logistics Digitalisation - Get Ahead

Getting your presence on line has never been more critical. New Digital Forwarders are propping up and gone are the days where your down the golf course making deals (Yes that will still happen).

The next generation, the 30 somethings are within the industry and are used to technology. They would expect a forward thinging Logistics/Freight Forwarder to have the best looking website which is feature rich.

We can help you "get ahead" of the older traditional sites. With our industry knowledge and our expertise in Web Design & Development, we can make you stand out from the rest.

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