Transport Management Portal

Streamline Your Logistics Operations with Our Freight Management Portal

Discover the power of our CocoonFMS® System, tailored to seamlessly integrate with any TMS (Transport Management System) or Freight Management System. Gain instant access to shipment details, streamline supply chain operations, and simplify reporting processes.

At CocoonFMS, we understand the complexities of logistics and freight forwarding. That's why our system offers easy-to-use screens, breaking down every aspect of the supply chain. From accessing shipment details to uploading crucial documentation such as C88 and Bill of Ladings, our platform empowers you to manage your logistics operations efficiently.

Key Features of CocoonTMP®:

- All-inclusive Shipment Management (Air/Sea/Road)
- Convenient Documentation Upload (C88 and customs documentation)
- Streamlined Supplier Release Process
- Efficient Delivery Scheduler
- Priority Handling for Urgent Shipments
- Real-time Arrival Updates
- Detailed Shipment Diary
- Intuitive Search Functionality
- CO2 Emissions Calculator for Air/Road/Sea Shipments
- Robust User and Organisation Management
- Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Our system is fully customisable to adapt to your unique supply chain requirements. Whether you're tracking vessels across the globe or managing local deliveries, CocoonTMP® offers the flexibility you need to optimise your operations.

Furthermore, our platform can be seamlessly branded and integrated into your existing systems. Plus, we provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition and maximum utilization of our system's capabilities.

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