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Website Audits – Making your website a Success!

Website/SEO Audits – Getting it right from the start

SEO/Website Audits are an essential tool to find out what is happening with your website. Google regularly updates it’s algorithms and rules to help improve search listings, often the algorithms have effects on websites as a whole or individual pages. With out checking your website or understanding the impacts of the updates your website could stop getting enquiries or sales.

Why do an Audit?

Website Audits are critical as it will help identify weak areas within your website, which can allow you to rectify and adapt your website to make it more user friendly and search engine friendly. Google is looking for excellent user experience, with high quality original content, which can be shared over social media and referenced to high quality sites to backup your products and services. An audit can also help you find any technical problems with your website and stop possible problems from occurring or help strengthen your market position within your industry sector.

Whats included in an Audit

We use multiple industry tools and a human to analyse and write each report. We use Google Analytics as away of cross checking against known algorithms updates as well as to look for in-depth solutions.

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Site structure, ensure code is formatted correctly to industry standard
Page structure, ensure page is formatted and the correct terms and content are being used
Site Speed, assess if the site is meeting Google requirements for site speed
Targeted Keyword Ranking, pin point where you rank with your target keywords in Google/BING/Yahoo
Social Influence/Amplification, see how your website is being mentioned on the main social media channels
Duplicate Content Checking, highlight duplicate content and which pages will need to be changed
Competitor analysis, compare Page Authority/Domain Authority and Keyword Rankings
Strategic Overview, how to implement the results of the report into a workable plan and advise on how to fix any critical areas and what the next steps are to making your website a success.

Due to the indepth nature of the reports it normally takes 5-7 working days to run an accurate report.

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We would recommend running this report as often as possible as the competition and Google continuously change what there doing. If your site is setup correctly and kept up-to-date you should command a good ranking and increase traffic through your website. All of our Partnership Program customers get free audits as part of their package.

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