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Website Planning

How to plan your website to get the best results

1. Why do I need a website?

What is the reasoning behind this?

A website can are built for a many reasons, often an unplanned website don't perform and lets both the users and your business down.

It is often stressful trying to get your idea over to a web designer, however if you understand what you want the website to do then the website will perform.

Click below and start the journey which can answer your questions and get the planning process underway.

2. Writing the design brief

Free downloadable document

This document is designed to help plan the website it includes the following.

  • Your vision
  • Target Audience
  • Competitors
  • Your business goals/objectives

Click below to download the Brief Document Template.

3. Initial consultation

White Board Session to dig deeper than the brief document.


  • Identify objectives and website goals
  • Receive basic overview and proposed costs – contract
  • Choice of additional research and planning services for higher success rates
  • What the benefits are to the clients

Click below to read more on the process.

4. Website Specification

Detailed documentation on website project


  • Refine Goals & Objectives
  • Define Target Audience
  • What the benefits are to the clients
  • Explore User journey
  • Define sitemap and functionality

Click below to read more on the process.