Search Engine Marketing (SEM) often gets confused with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is actually an area of Search Engine Marketing however there are quite a few different elements for Search Engine Marketing and all have their own individual skill sets.

Google / Bing / MSN / Yahoo all pretty much work along the same rules. If you want to rank high on their search engines you need to do particular tasks depending on how quickly you want to reach the top of the rankings.

We will break it down for you:

Organic Listings

Organic SEO positions are the ones that you see below the paid advertising slots. Normally there are between 7-10 positions. The 1st position will get 80% of the overall traffic normally and then the rest will share out the rest of the traffic. Organic SEO is time consuming and cannot be rushed.

All search engines demand original high quality content. This can be in a form of a page content, blogs, case studies or local citations. Often you need all of these. Search engines work by going through your website and then seeing who is linked to you and vice-versa. These are backlinks and are also critical for ranking a website. However you can swap links with anyone. You need to research the people you link to and also make sure they are 100% relevant to your business.

Organic SEO is a permanent procedure but it needs constant attention.

Google Adwords / Bing Adverts / Yahoo Adverts

Many SEO companies offer Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) as organic SEO when in fact it has nothing to do with SEO. Once you’ve used your budget your listing will go. There is a big misconception that Google Adwords will help SEO. Not at all. But Google Adwords are highly complex, so you need to fully understand how Google Adwords works to get the full benefits.

Industry research has found that up to 30% if not more of the budget is wasted when done in-house. It needs constant attention and often a lot of thinking outside the box.

Retailers often do benefit greatly from Pay Per Click and can sometime make 100% returns on their adverts.

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