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The title of this post may have a few people scratching their heads and wondering what on earth are we on.  Internet Explorer 9 will only show as Internet Explorer 9 why would it show as Internet Explorer 7..  Well this doesn’t sound as crazy as it seems and in fact you can also have Internet Explorer 10 and still view in 7,8,9.  We often come across this problem.

Internet Explorer 9- Developer Tools the hidden beast

Microsoft in their wisdom release there internet browsers from version 8 with a tool which 99% of users are un aware of.  It seriously impacts the way users view and experience websites.  Its also is the web designers and web developers worst enemy as nobody knowns its exists.  The tool was built for web developers but Microsoft for some reason set the tool to show in Internet Explorer 7 (Yes the version of internet explorer Microsoft are ashamed off due to its bugs).  The aim was to help web developers problem solve buggy issue with Internet Explorer 7 when version 8 came out.  However instead having it as a downloadable plugin (optional) Microsoft ship the browser as standard with this in.

How does it effect my user experience online?

Its very simple most website are now built using the latest coding practices i.e HTML5 and CSS3, which allow really cool effects and increased user experience.  However if the Internet Web Developer tools are switched on you could be viewing the website in Internet Explorer 7 or 8 which will mean you will get a blank screen or the website looks a mess.

How to I switch this off?

When you launch internet explorer you and press F12 on your keyboard a small window should open.  (please see below)

devtoolsYou will then see Browser Mode and Document Mode.  Make sure if you’re using Internet Explorer 9 that Browser Mode is selected to IE9 and Document Mode is IE9 Standards.

You then will see a massive difference in how your web browsing experience will change. If you’re using Internet Explorer 9 and running Windows 7 you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 which is slightly better than 9. he alternative is to uninstall Internet Explorer and use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari which are a lot better more upto date and have better development cycles.

If you have any questions on web browsers please contact us.


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