Initial Consulation

What better place to start the discovery of your online potential than with a coffee and a chat.

When it comes to investing in online marketing it’s important to choose a website and digital marketing team that you can trust.

Using a convenient and relaxed initial meeting can help you decide if you wish to take your interest further and allow us to alleviate any concerns that you may have.

What Happens at an Initial Consultation?

Following your contact with Cocoonfxmedia, a meeting will be arranged at a convenient time and location, or if you’re quite a distance away a planned call or Skype session can be arranged:

  • You will get to meet your extremely knowledgeable and friendly web designer and design partner
  • You can discuss ideas, possibilities, musings and dislikes for your project
  • You won’t be expected to have any previous knowledge of online marketing or even know exactly what you want, just as long as we have your vision and goals.
  • You can view similar projects conducted by Cocoonfxmedia and successful outcomes
  • Price ranges, timescales and options for collaboration can be discussed
  • Your advisor will leave with the details they require and develop a proposal to meet your objectives, including price options to ensure your budget is met appropriately

There are many transactional businesses out there that want to make money fast, but with Cocoonfxmedia you’ll discover that our aim is to work as a long term marketing partner; as an extension of your business, representing your brand and providing support each step of the way.

To start the process, fill out the form below or to learn more, move on to the next stage in the planning process your business objectives and goals.

Give us a call - a conversation doesn't cost anything: 0121 8203659