The world is changing; there’s no doubt about it. When it comes to communication from business to business and business to consumer, strategies have evolved rapidly in recent times. Whereas before, businesses were content to reach out to potential and existing customers via traditional marketing strategies (think newspapers and television advertisements), nowadays, there are plenty more opportunities for businesses to move forward.

First and foremost – do you have a website for your enterprise? If you do, you’re on the right track. But having a website is merely the beginning. We’ve seen how internet marketing strategies have developed over the years. What worked a few months ago is not nearly as effective today.

Take link building for example; Google used to be less stringent in terms of inbound, outbound and internal links. But 2012 has changed all that. Nowadays, Google has taken steps to control the so-called ‘unnatural’ links, and has emphasised the importance of link quality and ‘naturality’ vs. link quantity.

Here at Cocoonfxmedia, we have made a commitment to move with the times. After all, it is our business to know exactly how to help you promote your products and services through the web in the most cost effective and efficient method as possible. We have come up with several strategies for link building efficiency, among which is future proof link building.

Link building – yesterday and today

The premise behind link building is to help your website achieve a higher ranking and boost its visibility amongst internet users. But what worked before is not necessarily effective today. Link building strategies have been made ineffective by the sweeping changes made to the Google search algorithm, especially when it comes to unnatural link warnings. You don’t want Google to detect unnatural links in your anchor texts or blogs, links that will have a detrimental effect to your websites potential ranking.

Natural links – the wave of the future

We at Cocoonfxmedia will assist you in positive link building with the use of more ‘natural’ links – in other words, links that offer a higher rate of reward. Our expertise at Cocoonfxmedia extends to building links where you don’t control the anchor text – making it more natural and less detectable by Google at the same time.

How future proof link building helps you

Not all links are created equal – different links work for different websites. As such, we will formulate an effective and efficient strategy for link building that will prevent you from being penalised. We future proof your links in such a way that you will never be accused of over-optimisation. Our strategies include asking for attribution, rotating anchor texts when necessary, and using your URL for your anchor text. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your old strategies – you can still use press releases, blog posts, and the like, but the method of controlling it is way more productive.

Here at Cocoonfxmedia we will focus on your linkable assets and formatting your links and guest posts, amongst other effective link building activities.

The result of this is clear: no longer will you have to worry about getting bombed or penalised by Google’s algorithms. The entire team at Cocoonfxmedia understands that high reward links offer a higher profit potential for your enterprise – and at the end of the day, you won’t have to think twice.

Contact us today at 0845 6804358 or send as an online query through our website for an immediate response if you would like to know more about our premier future proof link building services.