Website Statistics

Everyone talks about statistics, and often we’re often too busy to actually understand the data. Many business owners also don’t understand the power of monitoring your website statistics. The crazy thing is Google provides you a free tool give you some incredibly accurate data.  

Why understanding your web stats are important?

Like anything in business, you should be constantly reviewing processes, and performance and often or not the website is always seen as the weak link.  Clients often think I shelled out a lot of money for my website but it’s not bring a return.

Stats from your website can make highlight very quickly where your site isn’t performing.  Google analytics can map the journey the users make. You have a high bounce rate that means your content on that page may not be suitable. If you find people moving around the site and not converting, then it could be a simple call to actions.

What can Cocoonfxmedia do for you?

We look at data all day and every day for our clients we use the data to help you make informed decisions based on the data from Google Analytics.

We can look at which areas of the site aren’t working. It could be a technical issue, or it simply could the way the content is written.  We often compare like for like periods to see if something external could have affected your website such as Brexit or a Google Algorithm change

Using the data Google provides helps us find this. Simple matrix like time on page, landing pages, where users come from i.e Facebook or Organic searches.

For one client we used the data to rearrange the homepage. Traffic shot through the roof and made 50% higher conversions. It was 100% data driven by looking at the site statistics.

If you want to find out why your site isn’t performing give us a call. We can audit your website and go through your web stats to find the issue.

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