Website Audit and Analysis

Not seeing the best results from your existing website?

With Cocoonfxmedia website marketing services a full comprehensive analysis is carried out using industry tools. The analysis identifies weak points in your site that can be rectified to meet customer expectations for modern website access as well as recommended standards for search engines such as Google.

What is included in the Audit?

Cocoonfxmedia will audit and analyse:

  • Website page and structure for correct code and formatting
  • Site speed to meet Google requirements
  • Duplicated content to avoid search engine penalties
  • Keyword ranking for correct positioning on search results
  • Social influence and impact from social media channels
  • Online competitor activity
  • Strategic overview and current activities to devise a workable plan that meets objectives

Inefficient websites with slow load times, confusing code and weak social links indicates a lack of professionalism to both search engines and customers, damaging your online reputation and position in search results.

Identifying and improving weak areas of your website using Cocoonfxmedia’s audit process will provide you with a strong foundation to achieving the highest possible success rates.

To receive your audit report, fill out the marketing audit request form or contact us for a quote on a full audit and comprehensive marketing strategy.

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