Online Marketing Tactics

A selection of our most popular and effective marketing methods are listed below:

Search Engine Optimisation

As specialists in SEO, Cocoonfxmedia has developed optimisation processes using proven methodology to ensure that your website receives the highest possible position in search engine results including Google, Yahoo and Bing. So when your customers search for a service or product you provide, your brand will there to command attention and inspire customers to click through to your website.

Using only legitimate SEO practices that meet search engine requirements, you can rest assured that your website won’t receive penalties that can damage the chances of your website visibility online.

To discover exactly how Cocoonfxmedia increase your search engine rankings, you can visit Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Using highly targeted adverts on one of the world’s most visited websites ‘Google’, Cocoonfxmedia can greatly increase visibility of your business by developing compelling ads that are delivered at just the right time and for the right region.

Using years of experience in creating Google Adwords PPC campaigns along with dedicated research and testing, Cocoonfxmedia can recommend ideal keywords (search terms) and develop a campaign that will provide the best return on your investment.

Social Media Marketing

The power of social is still proving to be a useful tool for marketing, with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn delivering the ability to reach thousands of potential customers from one single post.

With focus on achievable goals and targets, Cocoonfxmedia develop robust social media marketing strategies that are designed to meet your specific goals such as increasing businesses, generating leads, developing brand loyalty or boosting brand awareness.

Tailored to your budgets and requirements, a social media strategy can make use of paid for posts, professional content creation and specialised tools for posting and monitoring to make the most of these versatile social platforms.

Visit Advanced Techniques in Social Media Marketing for more details on how Cocoonfxmedia deliver achievable results using social media.

Content Marketing

Attract customers directly to your website with the use of valuable and relevant content.

Cocoonfxmedia is skilled and experienced in developing website content, blogs, articles, case studies, newsletters and graphics that identify and respond to customer concerns, queries and interests.

With strong evidence that content marketing improves business opportunities and enhances customer relations, this tactic is proving popular for businesses also seeking to:

  • Attract customers and drive website traffic
  • Establish a business as an authority in the field
  • Increase social influence with valuable content on social media
  • Inspire customers to take action, increasing business opportunities
  • Increase search engine rankings due to regular, relevant content
  • Generate customer advocates that share your content online

To take advantage of the above digital marketing tactics or discover even more techniques that are appropriate for your specific business and industry, contact Cocoonfxmedia today.

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