Social Media Management

Social media can seem like a pain for most businesses, thats why here at Cocoonfxmedia we don't offer three tiers of social media packages, as we build the package to suit your business and your budget.

Benefits of out sourcing your social media to a marketing agency:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your business, objectives for social media use, channels to best suit your brand and crucial KPIs.
  • Save time so your business can get on with developing leads
  • Take the pain out of what to say
  • Monthly engagement reports
  • Drive traffic seamlessly to your website

Believe it or not, a tweet or a share on Facebook can make a massive difference to your bottom line. Social Media is any businesses best friend and top sales person. Take it from us we’ve seen how powerful a tool Social Media is.

Gone are the days of spending thousands of pounds to place and advert in a magazine and it’s very hard to track the success and only reach and audience of 10,000 -12,000. With Social Media you can easily reach 250,000 on one post.

The most common response we get about social media is “Yeah its Great!, But we don’t have time!” or “I don’t know what to put.” It’s often seen as a must have, but some people aren’t really sure what they are doing with it. We’ve been on social media since 2009 and at the start we were the same. However we realised why can’t we use it as a sales tool. That does go against the point of “Social” but you can connect with the decision makers of your target audience very easily and start conversing with them.

Knowing your Audience

Often you will find Social Media experts pushing one channel or saying you should do X amount of tweets or posts a day. These are not experts, they don't understand your business. This could be a little harsh, however if they don't understand your marketing strategy and understand how to get users to engage you will be chucking your money down the drain. We will work to a strategy, look at your audience and then use the right social media channels for you.  Every client is different, some channels work extremely well for some and for others it doesn't.  We will test all channels and refine and find the best channel and what works for your businesses goals and objectives.

Social Media Experts

Cocoonfxmedia have the expertise to take some of the pain and worry out of Social Media. We’ve got specialist tools and processes to devise a Social Media Marketing strategy to help drive sales/brand/awareness and social influence.

We offer a variety of solutions for you, which can all be easily measured through Google Analytics and our other specialists tools. Everything we do is focused around achievable goals and targets. Social Media seems very real time but you have to build up trust and influence. We will do this for you.

We can also manage paid advertising campaigns using the Boost and Paid/Sponsored Tweets which are now available.

For more information on our social media management services and to find out which tier is best for you, please call us or follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin and direct message us. We’re on daily! So we look forward to engaging with you and taking your business to the next level.

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