Driving Strategy with KPIs and Targets

When it comes to delivering the best marketing for your website, there are many companies that claim to offer the best service – but how many of them will back up that claim with proof?

Success is determined when targets are met. By measuring marketing activities against key performance indicators, Cocoonfxmedia is able to determine the effectiveness and provide evidence that marketing tactics are delivering on your needs.

Our experience in the analysis is second to none, having worked with big data within the logistics industry we understand how to measure and integrate your data into something meaningful. 

Type of KPIs and targets

Realistic KPIs and targets are key, often unmeasurable KPI's are often used which often makes it impossible for an SEO specialist or a Marketeer to provide meaningful results.

That's why we would agree with you before any campaign something achievable and easy to understand. With our expertise we will also guide you as often you may think something is achievable but due to budget restraints and competition, it may not be feasible.

A simple list of KPIs would be something like the below.

  • Numbers of unique website visitors
  • Google page ranking (SERPs)
  • Bounce rate reduction (this is where a user visits a page and instantly leaves the page).
  • Revenue per visit
  • Number of sales
  • % of content shared
  • % of target market reached

Using pre-set systematic monitoring, each marketing activity can be easily analysed to measure performance, identify improvements and provide alerts each time a goal is reached. We review all KPI's monthly and always set a strategy to 90 days so that we can react to market conditions and change tactics quickly but maintain the goals.

With Cocoonfxmedia, you can be sure of a professional approach to marketing your website and business online with an easily followed, clear route to success.

KPI and target monitoring are available as a client of Cocoonfxmedia through regular return on investment reporting; learn more about ROI reports.

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