Content Marketing

Discover the powerful tool that costs less than traditional marketing 

Content marketing is a valuable strategy that focuses on creating and distributing content that your customers want to see. Attracting them to your website and motivating action that drives profit and brand recognition.

In today’s information age, people want content they can engage with, they want to go on a journey. Customers want to make their own research and compare options before making their decision; the same is true for business-to-business purchases.

The question is… are you making available the right information to attract your customers? and do you understand your customer's needs?

Why should you consider content marketing?

Content marketing is the key to driving action and is used by 88% of business-to-business websites as it is proven to increase conversion rates and user engagement. Often the search engines have said content is king! and the right blend of content will help you shoot up the google rankings, to you need to be creating regular and appealing content on your website helps the following:

  • Boosts visits to your website
  • Increases awareness of your brand across the internet
  • Addresses risks or concerns of customers
  • Encourages further action, purchases and generates leads
  • Is used for targeted social media marketing to attract your target market
  • Meets the needs of search engines such as Google leading to higher rankings in search results
  • Removes the possibility of irritating customers through direct advertising
  • Establishes your business as an authority in your industry

We are your perfect content marketeer

With many years of creating effective content marketing, Cocoonfxmedia has unique knowledge of SEO and has techniques to blend keywords into copywriting that works. We always make sure the user is placed at the centre of the content we're creating so that it has the desired impact. 

By utilising industry research and customer insights and our experience, we create content that attracts and inspires customers. Our content strategies include all or a mixture of the following:

  • Web Pages, Articles and Blogs
  • Case studies and How-to Guides
  • Social media posts
  • Email Marketing and eNewsletters
  • Videos
  • Graphics and Infographics

As part of our content marketing service, we provide regular reporting and access to analytic data, we will even provide you with genuine proof that content marketing is effective for your business.

So as a less expensive option that delivers a strong return on investment, isn’t it about time your business benefited from powerful content marketing? Give us a call on  0121 820 3659

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