Clear and Personalised Written Strategy

Trying to promote your website online without a digital marketing strategy is often likened to jumping off a cliff and trying to build a parachute on the way down.

Without preparation and a clear action plan, many businesses quickly fail to see tangible results or a return on their investment.

For complete peace of mind, Cocoonfxmedia will provide a written strategy personalised to your specific business requirements and marketing objectives that will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective route to success.

Using data collected from conducted audits, analysis and customer insights, the strategy will include:

  • A recommended plan of activities to meet marketing objectives
  • Specific tools and software to be used in delivering activities
  • Type of tactic if its Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Markets (Google Adwords)
  • Timescale and dates for achieving set milestones
  • Specific tactics, marketing messages and media schedule
  • Details of how activities will be monitored and improved
  • Budget and resources

By providing you with a complete action plan, you can be confident that you will know exactly what will be taking place, why it is happening, when it will be implemented and the cost.

With activities only carried out following your authorisation, you can be sure that you can stay in complete control from the start to the finish of your digital marketing strategy.

To benefit from a professional digital marketing strategy developed by experienced and qualified marketing specialists, fill out the form below or contact us for more details.

Before you request a marketing strategy, you may wish to view the various impressive digital marketing tactics used by Cocoonfxmedia.

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