While a website must look appealing, the importance of the actual words on the page cannot be overstated. Even if there is only a small amount of text, the website visitor needs to find out exactly what you are offering and why they should give you their business. The copy also needs to fit alongside the imagery seamlessly.

While some pages may only need a few sentences, on others, you need more text. Not only is this important in providing a clear explanation of your company and its values, but it also plays a major role in search engine optimisation. The major operators will crawl through your site to ensure that the content is concise, well-written and all necessary keywords are included. If there are too many images, the search engine simply does not have as much to work with.

High-quality content needs to be created regularly. This way, your site will be seen as fresh and engaging rather than old and stale.

What is good quality content?

While there is no single definition of good-quality content, it should always be informative and engaging. When people are visiting a website, they are generally looking to solve a problem – whether this is by purchasing a certain product or answering a question.

People usually want to be able to pick out the key information within a matter of seconds, so the content on your website needs to get to the point quickly but still captivate the reader.

A big part of the readability of the content comes from its structure. Instead of big chunks of text, it should be split up into digestible paragraphs and sub-headings. Bullet point lists have their role to play as well. Captions and witty asides work well alongside some high-quality imagery and video content.

As for typos and grammatical errors, these needs to be cut out of your content entirely. Otherwise, it devalues your business and makes you look like an unprofessional outfit. As well as sending red flags to your users, search engines will also pick up on these mistakes and rank you down accordingly. In a world when rankings are everything, you cannot afford to slip down the list.

While many people think that they can write, it is an art form that takes time to perfect. Great content needs to be written by a professional. Your website is the hub of your business, and you cannot afford to have poor-quality content devaluing it.

Blog Copy

It is simply not enough to write your site's main pages and think that your work is done. Instead, you need a calendar of high-quality blog content that is well-received by your website visitors and search engines alike. When a site has been inactive for some time, you will find that it starts slipping down the rankings.

Blogs also serve the purpose of answering your visitors' questions and engaging with news and current affairs. You want to establish your business as an invaluable source of information, as well as project your voice as the most knowledgeable in your field.

When enough high-quality blogs have been written, visitors will come to your site directly through the blog page while sticking around to see what else is on offer. So, you need to pre-empt the major queries and concerns of your target market.

Becoming an authority on a subject takes time and sustained effort. Many businesses have the problem that they simply do not have the level of dedication and creativity to maintain a successful blog page. Again, our professional copywriting services could be the answer.

Consistent blogging is another key element of search engine optimisation. When the major players in the industry see that your site is continually updated with high-quality content, they are much more likely to give you the type of ranking that you want and deserve.

Brand Copy

Each and every brand needs its own distinct voice that speaks to its customers directly. Whether this is fun and engaging or serious and knowledgeable, the tone needs to run throughout all marketing materials and digital communication. Sometimes, it can be tricky to get this right. Our professional copywriters will play a major role in ensuring that it is spot on every time.

Once the brand guidelines have been clearly established, we will ensure that they continue to be followed closely, so no matter what page of the website a user visits or which blog post they click on, they will get a clear and distinctive voice that runs throughout it all.

Ultimately, we create the type of brand copy that resonates strongly with your customers.

Copywriting, Why Us?

With years of experience behind us, we are adept at crafting content for a wide range of different clients, their websites and their blogs. We work hard to ensure that the words on the page shine through, attracting new customers to your business and helping you to keep the ones that you have already.

As well as the creative endeavour that it takes to craft great content, we also have an in-depth understanding of the technical elements that are directly related to search engine optimization. Fitting in the optimum number of keywords while ensuring that the content flows naturally is an art form that we have got down to a tee.

We work hard to create the perfect tone and brand voice for our clients, ensuring that it stays consistent throughout everything that we produce.

As for blog posts, we are experienced in coming up with creative and shareable ideas for posts that are likely to have a high level of engagement, helping to establish a two-way conversation and setting you up as an authority in your specific area of business.

In short, no matter what type of content you need producing, we are on hand to craft it with love, care, and attention to detail.

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