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5 Key Things an SME Needs to Consider When Setting Up a Website

For an SME designing a new website, the amount of choice and number of decisions that have to be made can seem overwhelming. In our experience, there are five important

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What are the Benefits of Using Green Web Hosting?

While web hosting is a familiar word to many, not all of us will have heard of green web hosting. However, as the name implies, green web hosting is simply

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Building an innovative culture

Building a culture that is fertile for innovation will vary from organisation to organisation. By it nature innovation is often creative and non-systematic, and cannot therefore be achieved by following

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5 tips to what makes a good School Website?

We often get asked the above question and it is quite a hard one to answer, however we can give our view on what we think is a good website

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The 17 elements of a school website

Elements to make sure your school website meets its criteria and maximise functionality Schools have various different obstacles to face when deciding to get their institution online. Some of the

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7 Guidelines for Designers to Become Involved in Strategy

Design has a lot to offer the business world and if the power of design is ever going to be realised it requires us, designers, to build an equal partnership

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A Short (But Very Useful) Guide to Website Planning

Starting from scratch when planning a website can be daunting. Yes, there are templates available online, best practice examples and a general idea of how you’d like it to look;

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My website doesn’t seem to update?

In the modern world of high speed broadband and mobile networks you would think your website will update instantly as soon as you press publish.  This my friends is often

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Web Design – Fashion or User Experience?

I have been doing web design for over 18 years now, mainly as a hobby and now as part of my job. I don’t go to University and I certainly

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Why Manufacturers Need Web Designers

“If I had a pound for every time some smart a**e marketer tells me manufacturers need websites” moaned my friend, a managing director at a specialist tooling supplier. “Of course

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