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Why did Wetherspoon’s shut down all their social media accounts?

In April, Wetherspoon’s made the announcement through their head office twitter account that they would be suspending their social media channels for all local branches, including head office with immediate

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Three tips to help students combat the social-media ‘cliff-edge’

Key stage 2 is arguably one of the most stressful times before GCSE’s that school children will face, in their academic career. Having had the stress of sats and mock exams

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Presentation – Introduction to Social Media Marketing

We did a talk to WiRE Lichfield a few months ago, on an introduction to Social Media Marketing. The presentation was a very generic overview to give a little insight

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Just to What the heck am I doing with Twitter?

Social Media often scares off a lot of businesses as they’re unsure of the benefits and what to do with them. Often it’s the fear of writing or thinking that

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Power of Social Media

I think we all can agree that Social Media is very useful for real time information.   We know that Seal Team 6 was tweeted about as they were going to

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Don’t be held to ransom by social media

Case Study – Social Media Management Running any business is an all-consuming experience where having time to do everything you need to do is a luxury you’re rarely afforded. The different

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Twitter Business Strategy

If your using Twitter then its best to put together a proper Twitter Business Strategy. Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has grown rapidly to become one of the leading

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