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Organic SEO Tips for Small Businesses

After having paid for your brand-new website the next step is getting it found, preferably by spending as little money as possible, and as sustainable as possible! Things you will

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Tags in WordPress – Bad for SEO

Running and maintaining a website is a complicated business particularly with search engine optimisation and digital marketing. We know that the search engines hate duplicate content, and there are ways

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Google Algorithms – It’s all bananas!

We’re all aware that Google is the master when it comes to getting found on the internet. Anyone owning a website should have received at least 10 calls from India

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Go mobile or drop-off in the rankings!

On Thursday, February 26, 2015 Google released a BIG announcement. It’s been floating around for a while but now it’s been made official: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding

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Your Friendly (and helpful) Guide to SEO

Ah, the humble Google™ search page. Answering life’s most awkward questions and gatekeeper to the most exotic… of recipes. But seriously, where would we be without our search engines? We

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SEO Thin Content

Marketing your business has never been more important. Competition is tough and the slow economic recovery makes it critical for any business, whatever their size, to market themselves properly. A

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How to ensure your ‘PIGEONS’ don't come home to roost

A recent article on The Guardian posed the question “is the internet ‘full’ and going to shut down?” Irrespective of the answer (don’t worry – it’s not), the very fact

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Not the typical SEO Blog

So this little piece I am hoping is going to spark some sort of debate on this subject matter. We are heavily involved in SEO and over the years the

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Google’s Search Engine Wildlife is Expanding

If you own a website or work in marketing you will already be familiar with Google’s Penguin and Panda. Well now you need to also pay close attention to the

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SEO Essentials For Increasing Traffic To Your Website

SEO Essentials For Increasing Traffic To Your Website The Internet is a huge place filled with billions of websites. With all of the websites clogging up the arteries of the

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