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Using the Extended 3P’s in Practice [and in Digital Marketing]

During our training in Marketing (as every marketing student can attest too), we were drilled in the importance of the ‘Marketing Mix’, otherwise known as the 7 P’s. The traditional

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How to improve customer service – a practical guide

This article provides a method by which you can identify where to improve customer service and by extension the experience a customer will have.  There’s also a handy download Customer

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Get More from your Website with Content Repurposing

Are you happy that you have a website that works well for your business? That’s great!  So, what’s next?  Can you leave it at that?  Or does the website need

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A New Approach to SMART Objectives

It may have been all the recent buzz from the 2016 Rio Olympics, but the sudden focus on achievements and gold medals got me thinking about goal setting. You’d have

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The Website an Ultimate Supply Chain Consultant

Working in logistics is a varied and complicated market. Margins are extremely tight often working off single digit profit margins and you make your money on volume rather than high

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Can Your Nationally Operating Staffordshire Business Benefit from Local Searches?

Since Google reworked its search algorithms to place more emphasis on geographic locations, the internet has been abuzz with how great local SEO (search engine optimisation) is for businesses looking

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Representing Lichfield Culture with Local Marketing Solutions

Prominent and distinctively decorating the skyline of Lichfield Staffordshire are five unmistakable spires. These towering gothic Cathedral and ornate Church spires are the defining mark of a cherished historic city

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Getting your website working hard for you!

So you’re a business owner or a marketing manager and the continuous thought in the back of your head is the website isn’t working. I am not enough from it. 

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Understanding Digital Marketing

It’s unavoidable – we’re all part of a worldwide digital love-fest. After a recent trip to New York where I had no choice but to “enjoy” a variety of transport

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5 Vital Aspects for Successful Digital Marketing

Ever find yourself reminiscing about the good old days of traditional marketing? When businesses appeared in a big book with yellow pages and the only means of locating them was

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