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Category: Business


In uncertain times, remember the basics to carry you forward!

I am going to try and write this as neutrally as possible. The Brexit situation has seen some of the most emotional out pouring over politics seen in this country

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How to Setup a Business Website [The No-Nonsense Way]

Let’s speak frankly, being a business owner in Lichfield is hard enough without suddenly being expected to understand the workings of the internet, am I right? Which is why, when

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How to improve customer service – a practical guide

This article provides a method by which you can identify where to improve customer service and by extension the experience a customer will have.  There’s also a handy download Customer

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Businesses encouraged to join the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ pledge

Businesses in Lichfield and Tamworth are being encouraged to support the local economy by pledging to pay suppliers within 30 days.   ‘Pay in 30 Days’ is a new initiative

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Methodology of the Development of a Carbon Calculator for Logistics

For this article I’m going to take you back with me to 2009 when I worked for a Global Logistics Company as a Customer Solutions expert specialising in Supply Chain

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Now is a time for collaboration

This is an statement James has sent for the Presidents column for Tamworth Herald. The most important decision in a generation was made last Thursday, the EU Referendum. We know

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Pay in 30 Days

The importance of paying on time. Late payment on invoices is a common problem within business to business transactions. Often or not it’s the larger more estabalished companies/local authorities that pay

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Product or Service

Many of the decisions and considerations regarding the marketing mix that are applied to tangible products can also be applied to service products. This has created a blurred line between

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Want a 30 times better opt-in rate than email

There has been a little gem which has been sitting around for a few months but not been widely talked about. What If we could tell you, that you can

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How to Access Digital Marketing: The Small Business Way

Did I just read that right? “Half of all the small businesses in the UK don’t use the internet for their business” – Rachel Neaman, CEO of Go ON UK The statistics

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