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Case Studies

The beginning of Amazon: E-commerce history

How Amazon became the biggest online distributor of stuff from the back of one man, a crazy idea and some old books.   The Amazon is the largest river in

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Multi Academy Schools – A more flexible, functional solution for multiple website management

Solving the problem of repetitive and laborious website management We recently developed the system for a Multi Academy Trust , that has five different websites to manage. There was no real consistency

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15% increase in bookings – helping Lichfield Festival meet the needs of a digital audience

There’s no denying that the technological and digital advances of recent years have opened up a whole new world of opportunities all round. But it’s also another area in which

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Custom design for when you need more than an ‘off the shelf’ solution

There will usually come a time in every website’s life when it’s no longer fit for purpose, typically because either technology, or your business, has moved on. There may also

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Driving real results with a new and engaging website

When you’re operating in a competitive marketplace, it’s important that you make a good impression from the outset – unless it’s love at first click so to speak, the chances

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Carpet Surgeon

Case Study: Taking the hassle out of digital marketing Meeting the challenge of today’s digital society Many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) who view their business as ‘offline’ often underestimate

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Monarch ELS Logistics – Changing a business image from ordinary to extraordinary!

Excellent business, mediocre website Like many expanding businesses, Monarch ELS Ltd had a website that just couldn’t keep up with their rate of growth. Sure it was a useful online

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MT Services

Case Study: Complementing high-tech ideas with web design solutions  The importance of accurate representation The aim of a good IT company is simple really. They need to provide the very

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Going the extra mile in website design collaboration

Young volunteers call the shots Web designers are a funny bunch. Give us a complex code to write and we will knock one out no problem. Search engine algorithms? No

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Case Study: Amazing Success Boosting Bounce Rates

If you’ve had some dealings with website development you may have come across this term… bounce rate. A bounce rate lets you know if people are leaving your website without

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