Website redesign increases income by 22%

Website redesign increases income by 22%

When your business relies on attracting local clients and customers, you have no choice but to acknowledge the importance of visibility.

Ensuring that you create the best opportunities for people in the local area to not only locate, but to select your service suddenly becomes a number one priority and a must for generating consistent revenue.

This was the issue that Lichfield based company, Cathedral Chemdry faced as they began an assessment into how they could acquire more local business through the internet.

As a carpet and upholstery cleaning service for local residents and businesses, Cathedral Chemdry had so far performed well in receiving work through recommendations and word-of-mouth; however they knew that improvements were needed and more work could be acquired by utilising the benefits of the internet.

However they soon discovered that despite their efforts, their low position in Google search rankings remained unchanged. That’s when they contacted SEO and web design specialists Cocoonfxmedia.

Solving the Mystery to Low Rankings

A meeting was quickly arranged to discuss the possibilities of why the website’s position in Google was slipping.

Following this, Cocoonfxmedia conducted an audit and analysis of Cathedral Chemdry’s website and digital presence. As they made their investigation into the functionality of the website, they made an interesting discovering; the website had been built using a very rare source code. Adding to that, the code also contained numerous errors, making it difficult for search engines to decipher.

So Cocoonfxmedia set to work meticulously re-coding the website. Although an arduous task, the new code would provide an easier path for Google to search through the website and relist it accordingly, as well as to help make the site more accessible by appearing seamlessly on various browsers.

It wasn’t long before results were seen and the Cathedral Chemdry website position in Google search listings quickly improved.

Taking the Advantage by Adding Value

Pleased with the immediate benefits of the re-coding work, the Director of Cathedral Chemdry requested that Cocoonfxmedia extend their service to redesigning the website; taking advantage of the improved Google positioning.

The aim of the redesign was to meet the company’s original objectives to increase visibility and improve conversion efficiency.

To achieve these objectives, Cocoonfxmedia analysed the original website design to establish the areas that were already popular and successful with visitors and any sections which could be dramatically improved.

The subsequent redesign included:

  • An appealing and clear layout to encourage interactions
  • A responsive design for easy access on mobile devices
  • Well placed videos, incentives and calls-to-action to boost conversions
  • Social share opportunities to increase brand awareness
  • Simple processes to procure carpet cleaning services

The Remarkable Results

Following the re-code and redesign of the website, there emerged a remarkable difference:

From September 2014-September 2015, Cathedral Chemdry received an increase of 44% in new business from the website

As a result of the new search engine friendly code, a design that encouraged users to visit the website and better opportunities to interact and share recommendations of the services online, Cathedral Chemdry witnessed a marked boost in their Google positioning and an increase of visitors and revenue.

“The redesign of the website has largely driven a tremendous increase in traffic with 44% new business from the internet. This has led to an increase of over 22% in income so we are very pleased with the results.”

Neil Weyham, Cathedral Chemdry.

If you suspect there may be an issue preventing your website from doing well on Google search results, or if you’re interested in having your current website redesigned and developed to boost visitors and income – then Cocoonfxmedia’s expert services are only one email or phone call away.

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