STR Logistics Acquisition Required New Branding

STR Logistics Acquisition Required New Branding

Former Kuehne + Nagel senior executives Anthony Quinn and Peter Adams announced their acquisition of 100% of the shares in STR Logistics Limited earlier this year (2021). The acquisition has been made via their holding company 2020 Logistic Solutions Limited. The STR Logistics name will not change and will trade as normal as a wholly-owned 2020 Logistics company.

The challenge

To build on the identity of STR Logistics past brand digital assets. To modernise the visuals, the existing branding visuals were dated, and the new owners wanted something modern and more fitting to the approach in services they provided. The website was to help the business build its next wave of growth.

The Project

The project had several moving parts for a fast-approaching official launch date. The whole project was managed digitally via Zoom. It worked well with both Anthony & Peter acting as key stakeholders and then reviewing back with team members at key milestones before the next steps were taken.

We got to go down to the launch in sunny Exeter where it was great to see everything together. They even let us break out the camera to document the day where the Major of Exeter officially launched the new company image.


Before commencing any design, we explored STR Logistics brand values with the key stakeholders.  Having experience in the sector gives us an advantage in understanding the business. We have a couple of tools that can smooth out the process, so as soon as we had a firm grip on brand profile (company culture, customer profile, voice, customers engagement, and the impact being provided) we could move on to visuals.


With the brand profile in place, we have a reference point, a business design strategy, to inform the designs that are produced. For the logo design, initial sketches are worked up and discussed with the client, explaining the reasoning behind the design decisions. The client has input at each step along the journey. A couple of iterations later and we have honed down to a final idea which is then fully worked up.

“ Following our acquisition of STR Logistics part of our ongoing plan was to refresh the company look and feel which included modernising the branding of the entire organisation. We wanted to signify there was a change whilst acknowledging the success of the past. We need a modern look and feel that provided impact in the marketplace. Cocoonfxmedia were our ideal partners for this project with their knowledge of the logistics industry as well as their professional and enthusiastic approach. They pushed our boundaries with their thoughts and ideas and in the end created exactly what we wanted. The new brand has been well received by our employees, suppliers and above all customers and provides the visual impact and modern feel we desired. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the guys from Cocoonfxmedia and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their skills and services to anyone embarking on a similar journey to us.” – Anthony Quinn, Managing Director STR Logistics

Marketing Collateral

The logo design forms the basis for the rest of the marketing materials. Colour schemes, typefaces, supporting graphics are all in place to start creating the rest of the collateral and helping to ensure consistency. Liaising with third-party suppliers; business cards, banner stands, vehicle livery, building signage, and social media graphics are all produced.

“The project was a pleasure to work on, Anthony and Peter have a clear vision for the company which really helped with the process. We had a couple of restrictions. The new logo needed a nod to the old design for instance. Looking at the sector and marketing the company operates in meant we hit early on how to create dynamic imagery for STR Logistics. At the launch everybody was complimentary of the new identity and how it supports the company is about. I’m pleased we’ve given STR Logistics the visual tools to help them build on their brand” – Glen Tapper, Design Partner

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