Property management system for Phoenix Lettings

Property management system for Phoenix Lettings

An existing client referred us to Phoenix Lettings, a specialist letting agency who are fully focused on the needs and priorities of the Landlord. Unlike estate agents, their loyalties are not divided with dealing with property sales as well. The initial support was related to their web hosting, breaks in the service delivery were starting to have a negative effect on day to day activities. 

Phoenix also had a bespoke off-the-shelf property management system - however, it was falling short of the mark of what they needed it to do and they couldn't customise it. On top of that, it was somewhat clunky and slow to use. 

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A bespoke property management system

It transpired that some processes were still being done in the physical world that could be integrated into the new system. At the same time, it also allowed Phoenix to adhere to new governmental rules and GDPR easily because they were now in a position all of their systems and paperwork aligned. 

The system we delivered allows them to manage all their properties as well as market them on Zoopla and Rightmoves. Every time a property is added or comes back on the market the details automatically update on Zoopla and Rightmove. A little extra effort is needed here as Zoopla, and in particular, Rightmove's, put out some hoops we needed to jump through to get the two systems talking to each other.

Going the extra mile

The system also sends and tracks SMS messages for properties as well as manages balances ie what’s been paid, what’s been owed to landlords as well as issuing letters. It helps organise the booking of tradesmen and viewings and has an automatic EPC generator on the properties.

The system has now bedded in and we are working with Phoenix on digital marketing, SEO and content writing for them. We continue to work closely with Phoenix in order to inform the system what it needs to be as the property sector changes over time.

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