New website for logistics company - EWT

New website for logistics company - EWT

EWT a Leading Specialist in temperature-controlled transport has been transporting fresh produce to wholesale markets, supermarkets and other destinations for over 100 years. 

EWT had a minimum web presence and their other website also needed to have refreshed. The company they originally engaged with were giving them conflicting and confusing information. They needed a company to help decipher and guide them in a non complex way.

Conflicting advice and how to deal with it!

EWT was confused by conflicting advice about how to set up their website for both their companies. Under the guise of techno babble, web companies pitching for the company's site were trying to maximise the work required and blind the client with all the terminology which often comes with websites. 

They found us online and asked if we could give them some advice on what they were being told. We stripped it back down to basic questions, which would lead to the right decision. It's a simple question - "How do you present the two companies in the real world?" By answering this question you just then replicate that in the digital world. This makes perfect sense because then all the company addresses, telephone numbers etc. match what is happening in the real world. It may seem like a simple approach and it helped them to understand what needed to be done. 

We also understood the terminology of the industry having worked in the logistics/transportation market before.  So terms such as "Cold-Chain" and "Tractor Units" and "trunkers" we understood what they meant, which also gave EWT the confidence that we understood their business.

Remote Web Design & Project Management

With the advice and guidance, we gave EWT choose us to redesign and build their website. We set up a Zoom call with their senior leadership team so that so all the stakeholders can have a say in the web design project. We used a series of tools which help to pinpoint exactly all the key messages and key information needed for the website in a structured way. This enabled us to provide a clear brief in which the client understood exactly what we were going to be designing and building. As they had been given conflicting advice we used a handy piece of software which enables all the interested parties to view the design and make comments remotely (Adobe XD), which meant they could see instantly the design taking fold as well as being able to ask questions and advise if there way anything they didn't want.

The website was built mobile first but with a single scrolling page making navigation easy and quick to the information on hand. The site was built to be scalable and with Search Engine Optimisation at the heart of the site.

In Zoom we trust

The whole project was managed remotely due to COVID restrictions which forced us to use Zoom & Teams, however, it shows using tools such as Zoom & Teams made it possible not only to help and consult on the project but to share and work collaboratively on projects effectively and able to deliver the project on time and to the brief over a 140-mile distance. 

Simon Currid - CIM/IT Manager said "Thank you for all your help in doing the EWT website. I’m hearing nothing but positive news about it from staff and customers."

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