New website for logistics company - EWT

New website for logistics company - EWT

EWT has been transporting fresh produce to wholesale markets, supermarkets and other destinations for over 100 years. EWT had minimum web presence, and when we met, was receiving advice from two different companies. Both of which they found difficult to decipher.

Conflicting advice and how to deal with it!

EWT was receiving conflicting advice about how to set up their website for both their companies. Under the guise of techno babble, web companies pitching for the company's site were trying to maximise the work required. We stripped it back down to how EWT could make the right decision. It's a simple question - "How do you present the two companies in the real world?" By answering this question you just then replicate that in the digital world. This makes perfect sense because then all the company addresses, telephone numbers etc. match what is happening in the real world. It may seem like a simple approach but it's easy to get lost when a web company presents possibilities as opposed to what should be done.

In Zoom we trust

This was one of the sites we built over the extended Covid period. Initial meetings and fact-finding sessions were all carried out over zoom. When a clear plan is in place Zoom sessions are more than enough to cover off the details. Visuals we passed to the client via Adobe XD (A user experience design tool) - where we can send a link to the design file to be viewed in a browser.

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