New Logistics Website for FSC Oceans

New Logistics Website for FSC Oceans

Freight Forwarding is a service industry that involves moving goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters (GOV.UK) with this in mind and as Brexit is just around the corner, the market is a highly competitive place to be at this moment in time.

Digitalising a physical industry can, in some respects be a challenging position to be in, but this didn’t stop freight forwarding newcomers FSC Oceans from deciding to take this plunge.

Commercial Manager Alan Hewitt decided to contact us when looking for web design and development that fit the bill for the Freight Forwarding giant. We got an enquiry from Alan in December of 2017 with the request to build a site for their global expectations.

When designing any website, we have to know what goals the client has in mind and why they are deciding to start the build of the site at this time. FSC Oceans explained that their website was there to help promote and set up the UK market, and Alan wanted a website that could be developed further to meet the growth expectations of the company. He also wanted a site that could position them as being more forward-thinking than their competitors.

FSC Oceans wanted to come across that they are more on the ball with the digitalisation of the logistics industry, which was the perfect project for us having vast experience with the logistics industry. We know all the terminology and also knew what logistics companies are not doing quite right online which was a benefit when working on this project.

Extra value put into the build:

  • A cubic meter chargeable weight calculator to help users with costs.
  • A rates calculator which can store rates up to three months, with our knowledge on CO2 we created a carbon calculator for air, sea and road logistics which uses a centralised database and actual vessel positioning to work out the distance.

Example of some calculators we built

Along with this, we helped the firm get set up for social media with graphics, video editing as well as a container size and INCO Terms PDF download as part of a customer tool kit.

Alan Hewitt, Commercial Manager at FSC Oceans said this:

“FSC Oceans limited is a UK freight forwarding start-up business, and like most startups looking for suppliers and the right partner is so important to get right the first time. Working and partnering with Cocoonfxmedia limited to support our website, which was delivered on time and on budget was a great decision, all staff within Cocoonfxmedia are empowered to support Customers and indeed from our first conversations regarding web design and marketing the team at Cocoonfxmedia were supportive and provided useful ideas and concepts to support our launch.

I would have no issue recommending Cocoonfxmedia to any business that needs a professional and customer service approach.”

Find out more about our freight forwarding web solutions here and see the full press release over at the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce site!

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